Anime Festival Asia 2015 Day 3 Event Report

Yes, it’s an anime con — but I am still Kingsman trash, so I was genuinely thrilled that I found not one but two of the most talented Kingsman fan artists (who I silently creep on in Tumblr) holding court in AFA’s Creators Hub!


Anime Festival Asia 2015 Day 2 Event Report

Big name Japanese brands such as Good Smile Company, Gundam, and Kotobukiya all wow-ed fans with their curated displays, pre-order specials, and deals on bundles and limited edition goods.

STGCC 2015 Day 2 Event Report

Our overall experience at STGCC 2015 was pretty great! Unlike other cons that charge a hideous amount for tickets without delivering good value, everyone we spoke to at STGCC said they will definitely return next year!

STGCC 2015 Day 1 Event Report

This year’s guests include Marvel and DC artist Adam Hughes, Evangelion artist Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, Iron Man artist Adi Granov, and Marvel scout CB Cebulski!

STGCC 2014 Day 2 Event Report

Cosplayers from western comic giants Marvel and DC, sci-fi mega franchises Star Wars and The Transformers, as well as various Japanese manga and anime series clogged the con’s hallways — to the delight of photographers and spectators alike.

STGCC 2014 Day 1 Event Report

This years guests include Japanese voice actor Sugita Tomokazu, Korean artist and illustrator Shirahane Nao, French comic book artist Olivier Coipel, and multi-awarded American comic artist and writer David Mack.