Five Questions With STGCC 2016 Special Guest Sakimichan

Sakimichan’s creations include digital paintings of characters from popular games, movies and shows such as Sailormoon, LoL (League of Legends) and Disney titles.

Five Questions with Sadamoto Yoshiyuki

Sadamoto Yoshiyuki is one of the most prolific and well known character designers and manga artists, and we had the privilege of sitting down with Sadamoto-sensei to ask a few questions.

Five Questions with Iza Cortez

Iza Cortez is a veteran of the Philippine cosplay scene, who has recently come to fore when her exceptional cosplay of Nebula was highlighted by GOTG director James Gunn.

Five Questions with Otakumouse

Nico Cardenas — better known online as Otakumouse, is a talented designer and prodigious toy collector who has done plenty of design work for Danny Choo and his company Mirai.