Five Questions with chelly of EGOIST

EGOIST is a Japanese musical unit consisting of producer ryo (supercell) and songstress chelly. Using cutting-edge 3DCG technology, watch chelly’s alter-ego Inori (Guilty Crown) perform in real-time as she moves in tandem to chelly’s body movements. With improvements to this “Virtual Live” system, this is one high-tech concert experience not to be missed! But before chelly can bring Inori to life, she sits down with us for a quick chat about life as part of EGOIST.

Five Questions with chelly of EGOIST

Do you have a favorite musical artist?

I have listened to quite a number of artists since I was young. For Japanese artists in particular, I really like one of my fellow singers ENE — she has been very supportive of me.

You have been chosen in an audition to be the vocalist of EGOIST. What was that experience like?

The EGOIST audition was one of the first I participated in, and also one of the first I had successfully passed — so it’s a very special memory for me.

If you did not end up with with a singing career, what job would you wanted to have instead?

If I wasn’t a singer, I would’ve ended up being an artist or an illustrator. I just really love the arts — I even took up courses in school for it. I just really like the process of creation.

If you were going to outer space and could only take five things with you, what would they be?

Oh my gosh — that’s hard! I think I would like to bring some water (laughs), maybe some art supplies so I can draw, some of my favorite foods — shiitake mushrooms in particular (laughs), a radio cassette tape player, a device to browse the internet on plus an internet connection!

Would you be interested in holding a gig in the Philippines? Do you have a short message for your fans there?

Yes, I would definitely love to come and do a concert. When I think of the Philippines, the first thing I think about is bananas! Philippine bananas are delicious! I am definitely looking forward to holding a live concert in the Philippines soon. So please keep listening to my songs!


EGOIST is a musical unit that is a realization of the fictional artiste that appeared in the popular TV anime “Guilty Crown”. The unit consists of producer, ryo (supercell) and chelly, who was chosen from over 2000 applicants in vocalist auditions. EGOIST’s album “Extra terrestrial Biological Entities” has received attention not just in Japan, but across Asia as well, beginning in China. It has charted at number 1 on Amazon China’s combined music charts since its release for 3 weeks, achieving Gold certification.

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