Five Questions with Sadamoto Yoshiyuki

Sadamoto Yoshiyuki is one of the most prolific and well known character designers and manga artists, and we had the privilege of sitting down with Sadamoto-sensei to ask a few questions.

2015 Spring Japan Trip Day 3: Osaka

Kyoto and Osaka are only twenty minutes apart via the shinkansen, so we took the opportunity to visit Universal Studios Japan to have another go at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

2014 Japan Trip Day 4: Tokyo

The Japanese are known for changing phone models, luxury handbags, and game machines with the release of every new model, so buying a second-hand model from Japan means you are getting something that is practically new.

What the heck is this I don’t even…

Are the top two prizes lure enough for Japanese fan artists to give up their souls to the nemesis of the written word that is Twilight? I’m sure I won’t be sticking around to find out :/