What the heck is this I don’t even…

Twilight Japan Cover Illustration

Okay, so I already started ragging on Twilight and had thought that topic over and done with, when somebody passed me a link about Evangelion manga-ka Sadamoto Yoshiyuki and Metal Gear director Kojima Hideo being “huge fans of Twilight”. WTF IS THIS IDEK >.>

My soul died a little when I read that these two — along with Gotsubo Ryuji, who illustrated the covers of the Twilight Japanese light novel adaptations, where judging a Twilight art competition hosted by massive Japanese fan art site and third biggest black hole on the face of the Internet (after 2CH and NICO NICO), PIXIV.

However, the prizes to this competition are nothing to snicker about. Sadamoto will present his personal pick with an autographed painting set, while Kojima will award one autographed copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 to the artist of his favorite entry. Gotsubo is offering an autographed set of the first three Twilight light novels, which is actually the first book in English split into three parts.

Are the top two prizes lure enough for Japanese fan artists to give up their souls to the nemesis of the written word that is Twilight? I’m sure I won’t be sticking around to find out :/

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  1. seedsop says:

    i feel really really sad about this. *shakes head in disbelief*


  2. Sese says:

    (face palming) This is giving me NIGHTMARES *will really now proceed in burning the Twilight books in the house*


  3. TWEWY says:

    Hideo Kojima is FAN of Twilight?!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is MADNESS!!!!




  5. Romeo says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Two badass Japanese praised by all otakus worshipping what is hated the most. The thought of it is so unreal. =[


  6. ‘Tis a sign of impending doom: the domination of Twilight in every niche of pop culture. AAAHHH!!!


  7. Rej says:

    Oh. Great. God. Almighty.

    I had a theory that the people you idolize tend to be not as good as you think they are…

    I didn’t realize it can get THIS bad.

    Hope this turns out the way Emo culture did…

    Btw, I heard there’s going to be a New Moon costume party… I hope a Belmont decides to pay a visit…


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