is now JPOP Manila!

Hello all! As you may have noticed these past two to three months, we have been having major issues with our webhost. The site has been down more than it has been up, and no matter how many support emails we send, our webhost has done nothing to fix the site. The final blow came last week, when they finally emailed us to say that they refuse to return our 10-year-old URL to us, to use with a new host.



So we’ve made the decision to do a complete site overhaul as well as a rebrand. Starting 1st June 2017, we will now be known as JPOP Manila! We’re still bringing you — the Filipino fans, the best of Japanese pop culture from Tokyo, Manila, Singapore, and the rest of the world! The site is still under construction, but our archives are already online — so feel free to have a look at our previous posts (there’s even a new-ish visa post for your Japan travel aspirations!).

To all our readers at, thanks for being with us since 2009, and we hope that the changes this 2017 will give you renewed interest in the site you’ve always supported. We’d like to also thank all our partner events and site advertisers so far, and we hope you will continue to support us. Last but not least thanks to our team, and all our friends here and overseas who helped make this move a success!

さらば,! JPOP Manilaで頑張るぞ!

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