Limited Edition Eva Race Queen Figures Are Outta Your League


Evangelion Racing Race Queen Figures

Yes, there is an Evangelion Racing Team. Yes, they have race queens. Yes, their costumes look like plug suits. Yes, they (Mizutani Noa as Rei and Chiba Yuuna as Asuka) are awesome.

Even more awesome is the set of two limited edition Eva Race Queen figures produced especially for the fans of the Evangelion Racing crew.

Unfortunately for us salivating fans, the set is not for sale. These figures will be given away to team supporters who are willing to sponsor Eva Racing.

Sponsorship slots are pegged at JPY 12000 for Silver, JPY 30000 for Gold, and JPY 50000 for Black, with only the Gold and Black slot holders lucky enough to take home the figures.

Prototypes of the figures were displayed during a special event in Akihabara last 12th-3th June.

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