2013 World Cosplay Summit Japan Finals Event Report

Attending new events are always a revelation, and we just love how Japan’s WCS Finals turned out.

Russia and UK Join WCS Roster

The UK pair will be chosen at London’s Hyper Japan 2012 event, while the Russian competitors will be selected at a Japanese culture event in Moscow also in 2012.

Five Questions with YukiGodbless

YukiGodbless is a cosplayer from Thailand who — together with her cosplay partner JiakiDarkness, has represented their country at this year’s World Cosplay Summit 2011.

Five Questions with JiakiDarkness

JiakiDarkness is a cosplayer from Thailand, and is part of the pair that represented their country at the world Cosplay Summit in Aichi this year.

Cosfest X.1 Cosplay Special

Cosfest X.1 took place last 25th and 26th of June 2011 at Singapore’s Downtown East D’ Tent. The event played host to the Grand Finals of Asia Cosplay Meet 2011, and the Singapore Finals of the World Cosplay Summit.

COSFEST X.1 Event Mini-Report

The major competition winners include Team Korea for the Asia Cosplay Meet Finals 2011 and the Dragon Nest pair (Huang Yan Qi and Ng Jie Xian) for the World Cosplay Summit 2011 Singapore Finals.

Cosfest IX Cosplay Special

Once again coming to our rescue, Jimmy of Golgolak’s Den has provided exclusive access to his Cosfest IX gallery 😀

Philippine Cosplay and The WCS

Philippine cosplay is nearing its tenth year of existence, but there is still a lack of recognition in the international community.