Five Questions with JiakiDarkness

JiakiDarkness is a cosplayer from Thailand, and is part of the pair that represented their country at the world Cosplay Summit in Aichi this year. Jiaki often has his hands full crafting his own elaborate costumes by hand, and i am very thankful that he has agreed to do a quick interview for

When and how did you get into cosplay?

I love comics (manga) and Japanese since I was very young. I respect a lot of comic writers like Hirohiko Ara, Kim, and Professor Ken Matsumoto. About 10 years ago, I get to know the joy of life by cosplay.

Guest Post: Five Questions with JiakiDarkness

What made you decide to team up with YukiGodbless and compete for WCS 11?

I heard about World Cosplay Summit 5 or 6 years ago and it is the greatest discovery for me. Then I joined the World Cosplay Summit Preliminary every year, and finally I had a chance to be the Thailand representative to World Cosplay Summit 2011.

What is the hardest part about this competition? How have you dealt with any problems?

It’s very hard to choose just one of a thousand anime, game, and manga we like, then we must create a performance that is really realistic with the original story. It really important to us because we must to create and show the game that we really love.

Guest Post: Five Questions with JiakiDarkness

What was the best part about being a contestant to such a huge, popular event?

The best part of this competition… is I have a chance to visit the country that I dreamt to all along, and meet my new friends over the world. I can say they are all great cosplayers. I like how the staff work for WCS because everybody very work hard for the event.

What advise would you give to others who aspire to compete internationally as well?

I hope they are will have fun with it to the fullest. Find all that is wonderful! Meet new friends from all over the world, and don’t forget to keep memories around you whether it is tiny or important. If you have some friends who fight with you and be with you, you already have such a huge prize.

Jiaki and Yuki will both be at Cosplay Mania 11 as special guests. Jiaki has a message for all the cosplayers at the event:

“This is my first time to visit the Philippines. We can’t wait to see you cosplayers and cosplay fans. I’m so excited because I can feel their cosplay talent, and enjoy a lot of their cosplay skit videos from the internet. I hope that nice friendships will happen there.”

To get to know Jiaki better, drop by his fanpage on Facebook.

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  1. Their costumes really look stunning!


  2. and they look even better up close OMG!


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