2013 Tokyo Trip Day 10: Pokemon Center Tokyo


Continued from 2013 Tokyo Trip Day 7: Akihabara Redux

My Pokemon fainted, so I had to take them to the Pokemon Center. No, not really 8D But it was on the way to the subway station from work, so an officemate and I dropped by to take a look inside. If you remember last year, we also made a quick stop ; nothing much has changed since, except for the new line featuring their 15th Anniversary.

magnetic-rose.net Pokemon Center Tokyo

magnetic-rose.net Pokemon Center Tokyo      magnetic-rose.net Pokemon Center Tokyo

IDK about you guys but I feel that prices at the store have increased significantly over the past year. Whereas last year, you could get nice things in the JPY 300 to JPY 500 range, most items that were either fun or useful or both fell in the JPY 1000 to JPY 2000 range. Is this a side effect of the weak dollar? Or the increase in foreign tourists compared to 2012? Or just, “Hey it’s our 15th anniversary let’s increase our prices threefold!”?

Who knows? But still, I HAS A SAD 😦

Continued in 2013 Tokyo Trip Day 11: Tokyo Character Street

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  1. Kat says:

    Pokemon is 15 years old now? Geez, how time flies.


    1. Yep. The kids who were born when it was first launched can have their own kids now, ill-advised as it were.


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