2013 Tokyo Trip Day 7: Akihabara Redux


Continued from 2013 Tokyo Trip Day 6: Shibuya

Sundays in Akihabara means one thing: Pedestrian Heaven. Although a lot of people still have bad memories of that terrifying afternoon back in 2008, these days it’s returned more or less to its peaceful state. It’s not as fun and frenetic as it was prior to the attacks, but at the very least Pedestrian Heaven is back, so we’re all thankful for small favors.

magnetic-rose.net Akihabara

magnetic-rose.net Akihabara      magnetic-rose.net Akihabara

These past few days I’ve been deliberately walking past the Kotobukiya store and heading directly for Mandarake, since I didn’t want to spend the extra hundred yen purchasing new goods when you can get the almost same thing for cheaper — just pre-loved. I also didn’t want the agony of wanting to buy every single thing I saw, which was very likely to happen at Koto — and I was right >.>

It was just a litany of things I wanted but didn’t need: Evangelion hair clips Persona 4 iPhone cases Nagisa Kaworu dakimakura Monster Hunter lunch boxes Madoka Magica sweets Tonari no Totoro backpacks — *DEEP BREATH* — Kotobukiya customization tools Iron Man 1/60 figure DIY clear acrylic box cases necomimi headsets nameko coin purses Natsume Yuujincho Nyanko-sensei plush toys AND LOTS LOTS MORE >.>

I will probably end up buying somethin over the course of the next few weekends. It’s really just a matter of when I cave in, not if I cave in 😐

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