Top Five Tips on Decorating Fuji Instax Prints

Instax prints come with plain white or printed borders — however, we are more partial to the plain white ones due to their endless decorative options!

Is Taobao Killing Cosplay Creativity?

Some people see Taobao as a lazy man’s cosplay shop — a hellhole of stolen cosplayer photos, shoddy merchandise, and badly-constructed ready-to-wear costumes.

Where to Buy Japanese Kit Kat in Manila

Featuring a mindboggling array of flavors — some of them regional specialties found only in particular towns or prefectures, there is something for everyone (whether you actually love KitKat or not).

So You Wanna Be a Con Marshal…

Being a marshal is not all fun and games — so before you send in that application form, here are a few things to keep in mind.