How to Apply for a Japan Multiple Entry Visa: A Guide for Filipinos


In July of 2013, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced that Philippine passport holders traveling on short-term visits of up to fifteen days were now qualified to apply for Japanese multiple entry visas with three years validity.

How to Apply for a Japan Multiple Entry Visa: A Guide for Filipinos

This is great news since Filipino travelers can go to Japan just as easily and simply as they do Singapore or Thailand — for weekend trips and short stays.

But how does one go about applying for a multiple entry visa? It’s surprisingly easy — much easier than even we expected! Just follow our step by step quide soon you too can be jetting off to the land of the Rising Sun 😀

Documentary Requirements

First, you need to assemble all your documents. The documents needed to apply for a multiple-entry tourist visa are generally the same as applying for a single-entry tourist visa — with a few key differences.

An accomplished visa application form (handwritten or printed)
At least two recent ID photos sized to Japan visa standards
A daily itinerary
– A Certificate of Deposit from your bank (the daily balance should be at least PhP 100,000)
– A Certificate of Employment from your company (indicate tenure and compensation)
– A clear photocopy of your BIR Form 2316 (or its equivalent)
– A clear photocopy of your SSS, GSIS or Unified Multipurpose ID
A letter addressed to the Japan Embassy requesting for a multiple entry visa
– A Philippine Passport bearing a used Japan visa issued in the past three years (the passport must also be valid for at least another six months)

You may be asking, “Why do I need a used Japan visa?”. Like it or not, it is one of the requirements for granting multiple-entry visas as stipulated by the Embassy of Japan. If this is your first trip to Japan, you may only be granted a single-entry tourist visa, if at all.

Unlike other embassies, you are not required to appear for an interview to obtain a Japanese visa. Your application’s results rely solely on the documents you are able to provide.

Application Procedure

As mentioned above, you are not required to appear for an interview to obtain a Japanese visa — all you need to do is find an accredited travel agent and submit the requirements.

The list of accredited agencies can be found on the Japan Embassy website. Other than location, the agencies can vary in pricing and level of service. From personal experience (as we have tried most of them already!), here are a few thoughts:

Universal Holidays (UHI)
– costs about PhP 2500 to lodge an application
– processors will check your documents throughly and will request that you send additional docs if they find it lacking
– recommended for first time applications due to high “pass” rate

Rajah Tours
– costs about PhP 1500 to lodge an application
– recommended for business trips as they are affiliated with large international travel companies such as Carson Wagonlit

Reli Tours
– costs about PhP 1200 to lodge an application
– recommended for large groups as they specialize in bulk applications

Attic Tours *
– costs about PhP 1700 to lodge an application
– SPEEDY SPEEDY SPEEDY processing in as little as 24 hours, as long as your submitted documents are of good quality and are complete
– recommended for single travelers who prefer to DIY rather than join a group tour, as they also offer Japan Rail Passes and money-saving packages for solo backpackers

* Attic Tours is our current personal favorite among all the agencies — and no, we were not paid to say that!

After the receiving agent inspects and accepts your documents, you just need to pay the fee, and wait for them to contact you on the claiming of your passport. In principle, all the agencies will not tell you outright (via phone or SMS) if your visa was granted or not.

Results and Releasing

Results and releasing can happen in as little as one to three days, depending on the agent you used. We generally recommend submitting your documents on a Monday or a Tuesday, as the Embassy of Japan is closed on Wednesdays to process visa applications.

If granted, your multiple entry visa is valid for three years (woohoo!). If not, you are required to wait six months before you can lodge another application — unless it is for a medical emergency or for humanitarian reasons such as a death in the family.

Good luck, everyone — see you in Japan very soon!

Please note that this is a summary of our experience in applying for a Japanese visa. Mileage may vary with each individual. For more tips, you can also read How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours, How to Get a Japan Visa in Three Days, Getting a Japan Tourist Visa: An FAQ for Filipinos, and Tips on Obtaining a Japan Tourist Visa.

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  1. chanelle says:

    Hello pano po kung 5 yrs ang multiple visa pede po ba mag stay sa japan ng matagal like 6mos after 6mos uwi pinas tapos after one month balik na ulit sa japan?


    1. Roms says:

      Hindi, need mo pdin mg exit after ng allowable day of stay mo lng.


  2. Lea says:

    Thank you for this site! Very helpful for requesting multiple visa fr Japan


  3. nicoy.guevarra says:

    I’m not sure if this was asked before, (probably had) but regarding the Japanese Visa, do I have to buy the ticket first before applying or can I apply without the ticket? (Buy later kapag approved na) It’s my first time so I’m a bit scared of buying then applying then get rejected… I hope it’s not much. Thanks!


    1. Having airline tickets is usually NOT a factor for applications; it’s safer to purchase them after your visa application has been approved. Good luck!


  4. asad says:

    hey sir my name is asad khan and i am from pakistan now i am living in dubai and also working here .one month ago i visited to japan as a temprory tourist visa through a gurrantor now i want to apply for multiple entry visa with out a gurrantor will that be easy to get a visa of japan and what will be the needed requirements and procedure thanks alot


  5. Nerish Piano says:

    ilang buwan o taon po ang hihintayin ko sa pag apply ulit ng visit relative visa? nakapag stay na po ako sa japan ng 6months this year..


  6. John Paulo Garcia says:

    Hi, i want to apply for multiple entry visa, last year kasi single entry nabigyan ako. Kailangan ko ba sumulat intent letter sa JP Embassy? Guarantor po kasi palagi ang papeles ko hindi self apply. Thank You! ?


  7. Joy Quijada says:

    Hi im planning to apply for a multiple entry visa in Japan. I am already a retired individual what papers do i need to produce aside from the documents mentioned above… I don’t have ITR anymore. Thank you.


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