(Don’t) Date a Girl Who’s Into Anime

“Date a Girl Who Reads”, “Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels”, do this, don’t that — we’re all pretty much drowning in Thought Catalog bullshit. However, no matter how many of these things I scroll past on on my Facebook wall, none of them seem to strike a chord with me as a person in general and as a girl in particular.

Hence, this list. Also, it is February so I get a free pass to be corny.


(Don’t) date a girl who’s into anime

She may be a lot of fun to watch films with: you can have spirited discussions on whether or not Goro Miyazaki can continue his father’s legacy; if Kill La Kill is feminist, sexist, or both; or which of Evangelion’s five endings is the definitive one. However, if her tastes run more towards Gantz, Attack on Titan, or Steins;Gate rather than your weekly staples of Pretty Cure, Date A Live, or Infinite Stratos, there could be trouble in paradise.

Also, she may know a lot more about hentai anime than even you are comfortable with.


(Don’t) date a girl who’s into manga.

While it’s really nice to have someone to read along with and help translate the newer Japanese stuff into English for you, she may soon tire of your lazy ass and move to Japan to pursue her language studies (and maybe obtain that post-graduate degree she always wanted but couldn’t get with your sorry ass holding her back — TRUE STORY).

Also, there may be lots of BL manga in your future. Lots and lots of it :3


(Don’t) date a girl who collects figures.

Sure — she may be puzzled with your fascination for resin girls whose anatomies would classify them as disfigured in the real world, but she totally gets it because she has her own little collection of Lego minifigs and Petite Nendroids. Just watch out for “upgrades” — pretty soon she may be too busy (and too broke?) to go on dates with you because she’s spending all her time on AmiAmi trading up to bigger and more expensive figures.

Also, her collection of Hot Toys figures may be worth more than what you make in a year.


(Don’t) date a girl who’s into video games.

She will play lots and lots of games, with or without you (and she will be damn good at it). Sure, it’s a lot of fun if you’re playing Pokemon X and/or Y together and breeding and/or trading as you go along. But if she’s trying to rally her Titanfall team and you just can’t follow orders fast enough, she will shove your flashy light-uppy Razer mouse up your ass.

Also it’s really, really hard to compete with Sephiroth on the hotness scale — just saying.


(Don’t) date a girl who cosplays.

It may be great for your ego that lots of (desperately lonely) guys are declaring their eternal love for her on and offline. Just make sure it balances out the fact that at most cons you will be attending, your sole purpose in life is to be a combination bodyguard, chauffeur, personal assistant, make-up artist, caterer, photographer, and photoshoot facilitator.

Also, when your girl crossplays she may turn out to be a hotter guy than you will ever be.

In conclusion: do, or do not — there is no try!

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  1. Caffeinated says:

    Based on my experiences, some guys attempted to date me because I speak Japanese or I am their tsundere stereotype. X_X

    Or, I am the perfect girl buddy because of the games.


    1. Nyarla.G says:

      Tsundere stereotypes irl are annoying as hell ==


    2. Cen says:

      because they doesnt know yet.. that’s why this article trying to warn them..
      all they know is a girl like that look so cool to be a girlfriend..
      im not saying im agree with this article but i just want to contra with you cause you sounds so arrogant..


      1. yuki says:

        R.I.P english


        1. Cen says:

          i dont even have time to think carefully cause i was annoyed by this post.. aint your problem anyway


    3. Poop Tarts says:

      i would date you, even you don’t have those tsundere stuffs >_>


  2. Robert says:

    Can you imagine the tension when the statement changes to (Don’t) marry… XD I guess one secret to adding harmony to the mix is that both parties, although having a common interest in the genre, should not expect 100% the same interest on the details. Then the aspect of respect and understanding comes in when dealing with the differences. But since you share the love of a genre, you know how it feels being part of it. If it happens you both enjoy a particular series, cherish it. And never forget to once in a while share your interest, because who knows, there might be a connection. Back off if there’s none, but dont be pissed about it.


  3. ... says:

    A year ago I dated a girl who’s into almost all of the above. She was 17 and I’m 19 that time. We’re together now. She knows more about hentai than me and more hardcore than me (though she’s still noob in gaming). Like every love story, we’ve been into ups and downs. Fortunately, we are still together and getting married (too young? escalated? I think not.).


  4. dollie-con says:

    I don’t even know how to ask a girl out even if all those mentioned up there I am totally willing to put up with :))
    I can handle myself in a fighting games, and I’ve been a gamer geek for 24 years. I can totally go toe to toe with figs and dolls collection since I sacrificed meals just to get that Dollfie and I have actually run out of space for my plastic ladies. I’d even design outfits for her… The only place where we might have issues are in the anime preferences lol


    1. Like this : Kouhai, please notice me!


  5. Kai Kuchiki says:

    Geeez, This might scare possible suitors away.. OTL, But after reading this, I can still relate. I’m a girl who reads books, writes (at times) , and loves to travel.. and I also love anime. It seems that I’m in a huge conflict in the dating scene.. LOL , Still, I’m young at heart and willing to explore, so I’ll wait and see. ❤


    1. Kaz says:

      Girls who read, write, travel, and love anime ❤

      From a guy who reads, writes, travels and loves anime.


  6. sakura says:

    OMG can you please please tell me where is that Chihayafuru exhibit???


    1. sakura says:

      Sorry just did some googling, apparently it’s from TIAF 2012 😦 I’ll be in Japan soon so I jumped in and posted a comment without thinking, hoping I’ll see it with my own eyes 😦 Thanks anyway…


    2. It’s not a permanent exhibition, it was one of the booths at Tokyo Anime Fair 2012 which we attended two years ago — sorry ^^;;


  7. sakura says:

    Sorry, got distracted by Arata ❤ Anyway, I can't say that I can totally relate to this list since I'm not into hentai/BL, I'm too broke/stingy to invest in figures and I don't have the confidence to do cosplays. But the rest is spot-on for me!

    Oh, I think this is why I'll forever stay single… which I don't really mind!


  8. vhayste says:

    Hehe, sorry but I’m dating a girl that does all that. I’m quite happy since we both enjoy what we’re doing xD


  9. Pepe says:

    The section regarding manga seems like an isolated case. Sure, I get you are speaking from your own personal experience, but I guess it’d be hard to make a general case out of it.


  10. LOLOLOLOL I guess guys should not date me :)) :)) :))


    1. That’s our protection barrier haha!
      Should there be a guy who is interested, he should match on a higher level


      1. … I am surprisingly okay with this.


  11. RieRie Chan says:

    how about if they both are gamer, cosplayer, otaku, etc..yes! they have same hobbies and have same interest too :p LOL


  12. Tried the opposite as well, dating a guy into all these is kinda similar. You’ll be fighting for his attention just the same.. It’s either join them or leave them.



  13. Panda says:

    I. Buy gundamfigures for my bf instead and i am a cosplayer… ._. And I dont spam collecting figures. I game with him. So what am I @@


  14. Marcus Chen says:

    There is a fine line between Otakis and Weaboos.


  15. I don't even says:

    Sorry, but me and my boyfriend are all the above and more and we’ve been in a successful 2.5 year relationship. We must be doing something wrong…


  16. hmm…I’ll think again.

    is the post tries to save me from something that will drain my life or drain my pocket?


  17. Senpai says:

    Then the vice versa is applicable.

    Anime: Conflict of Choices
    Manga: Probably going to take Japanese Major
    Figures: Money for dates(because guys normally pay for them) would be spent of figures
    Gaming: He would spend more time with his console than he does with you
    Cosplay: Many girls are going to like him. AND WHEN HE CROSSDRESSES, HE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU. (all caps for rage)

    We all know what goes on during February. and this opinion is part of it. Just my two cents though.


  18. gabino2884 says:

    What’s the difference? But hey, We can always help each other out getting to Japan..the problem itself is…yeah, finding one who’s into manga and is a pleasure to be with.

    come on, it’s already that hard to get into a relationship adding conditions just made it harder.


  19. SparkNorkx says:

    Nice encouraging tips, I guess…


  20. Kamille says:

    forever alone


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