Signed Photo Giveaway!

Contest time! To toast to the success of another Cosplay Mania and to thank our new readers who we met at the con, as well as celebrate our 1000th post — whew that’s a lot, we’re happy to announce that our Facebook fans and Twitter followers can stand to one of three signed Fuji Instax photos from cosplay idols JIN, KANAME☆, and REIKA 麗華!

To join our promo, just access our Rafflecopter app below, and follow all the instructions. Easy peasy!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

For additional raffle entries, tell us who your favorite in the trio is, and why you are their biggest fan, in our comments section! Each comment counts as an additional entry. You can leave as many comments as you like!

You can also earn an additional raffle entry by following us on Instagram. We will check our follower list before the raffle drawing and everybody on the list automatically gets one additional raffle entry!

The winner will be picked randomly via Rafflecopter on 22nd November 2013, and will get to take home one of three signed photos from JIN, KANAME☆, and REIKA 麗華!

This giveaway is open to contestants in the Philippines — good luck everyone!

Special thanks to JIN, KANAME☆, and REIKA 麗華 for posing for the photos and signing them for their fans! Thank you also to Jewel and Yue of the Cosplay Mania guest relations team for helping us organize this giveaway!

This promo is not connected to or endorsed by Cosplay Mania or Fuji Film.

43 Comments Add yours


    Jin is my favorite because EM-OCEANS!!!


  2. Luie says:

    My favorite is Kaname! Because I think it’s hard to find male cosplayers who can pull off good cosplay! 🙂


  3. Christian Lopez says:

    REIKAAAAAAAA!!!! She is so good at doing male characters that sometimes I even question my gender. hahaha. She’s mega cute though in normal form. XP


  4. Mara Mina says:

    I am KANAME☆’s biggest fan because I took half a day from a work event last year to come and see him for the first time!!!

    Here’s our picture together:


  5. Mara Mina says:

    I went to see KANAME☆ again this year! He’s still my favorite because he’s really accommodating (imagine all the cheesy pose requests) and has sincere fun with the fans!

    Here’s this year’s picture:


  6. Dechi says:

    Reika is my favorite because she cosplay really good


  7. Monika Rose says:

    My favorite of the 3 is Reika~ I think Reika is the best because she can flawlessly act out the character she is cosplaying and she puts her 101% in all her cosplays~


  8. Len says:

    My favorite is Kaname because he can pull off male cosplays & even female ones perfectly! I died for his Ben Ten & Kaito cosplays. *nosebleeds*


    1. Len says:



  9. Angelica Abitria says:

    One of my most favorite cosplayers is Reika! I really admire her passion in cosplay. Every character she cosplays is a product of hard work and love. You can really see that she enjoys what she does and is the spirit of the hobby. Plus, she is a very nice person to boot! I have met her 3 times during her visit to the country. First was on Cosplay Mania 2012. I actually have classes on that day, but it is rare chance to meet her, so I went to the meet and greet. ehe (>3<)/ Second time was on AME 1UP, where I was so pumped up because she's coming back again. I went to her workshops that time, where I volunteered on her make-up session. It was such a great honor having make-up done by her! (It was only on the one eye though, but still) I still get giddy feelings whenever I remember that time~
    ∩(︶▽︶)∩ The third time was recently last Cosplay Mania 2013, and still, she's adorable as ever.


  10. Anna says:

    I love Reika the best ❤


  11. Ellen Bernadette Armillo says:

    I am Reika’s biggest fan ‘coz I was so eager to meet her during CosMania that my parents didn’t knew about me buying a meet and greet ticket and even going to the event itself XD (I lied about going to school, though we do have a class haha!)


  12. Li An says:

    Choosing just one is so tough! o((>^<))o
    But my fave would be Reika. ❤
    She's beyond creative. I love love love her costumes.
    I would say I'm her biggest fan coz I support her all the way. I attended Cosmania just to see her (even if MOA) is so far from my house! :3c


  13. Ally Yambao says:

    I love Reika (Reikyaaaaaa) the best because she’s my cosplay idol. Plus she’s so kind and accommodating to her fans. ❤ Always the best! Reikyaaaaaaa~


  14. Micel Dizon says:

    KANAME is my favorite cosplayer among the three, he has so much passion and love for the hobby and is dedicated to what he does. Him sharing his story during the first cosplaymania tugged my heartstrings. Wanting to portray the characters he loves with justice and making sure his fans enjoyed the meet and greet are simple yet big things, by touching the hearts of many with his gentle soul. KANAME is an inspiration to everyone from all walks of life. No matter what the challenge awaits, passion and love get through.


  15. OMG! I want Reika and Jin pics 😀 ❤ I love them both because they are such great cosplayers/crossplayers and I super love their cosplays (whether boy or girl) 😀 Crossplayers are my idols and these idols are the best out there. 😀


  16. Alekxis says:

    I’m a fan of the three of them, but my favorite among the trio is Jin. Ever since my sister introduced me her deviantArt account way, way back, I just fell in love with her, her cosplay; and her group, the Tuxedo Team. Even I was fooled before and initially thought she was a guy. Thankfully, I was informed beforehand. I love how she and her friends/team cosplay some of my favorite characters and anime series. Though, there are times that I can’t see her during conventions because I don’t have the money or I’m busy at school, I always tried my best to see her and take a picture with her and her friends whenever we’re attending the same con. I also like how she is very nice and friendly to her fans (she even replies to some of my comments on her facebook). I may be a very huge fan, but I make it a point to also give her some privacy during conventions because I don’t want to be too clingy/stalker-y/fangirly over her and her friends. For me, she is the best cosplayer in the Philippines ever since. 🙂


  17. Ren says:

    REIKA!! Great Cosplayer, She even makes Levi and other anime characters come to life! Subarashi desu!


  18. gerand binarao says:

    Reika! OwO
    I really admire her passion in cosplay. and how she nailed it


  19. r0en says:

    Okay, this may sound cheesy (I’m kinda sure it does) but my favorite is Kaname because he inspires me. (See? Told you it was cheesy)

    The thing is, he doesn’t inspire me to be a champion cosplayer or anything like that. He inspires me in a way that is difficult to explain but I’m gonna try it anyway

    You see, I’ve got an illness that has turned me from a young and upbeat chick into well, weaksauce. I have been in and out of hospitals for the past 4 years and the whole situation just made me want to give up. On everything.

    All that changed when I met Kaname at last year’s meet and greet. He told us of his difficulties and how he was able to surpass them. I was surprised when I heard him say that. I mean, look at him! He’s so perfect! He doesnt look like he’s gone through difficult stuff . Anyway, he shared some of the things he had gone through and but despite the challenges, he still continued to do what he loved and do his best.

    Hearing him share stuff like that, it made me realize that everyone goes through hurdles in life, even those you’d least expect. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who can help yourself.

    Kaname inspires me to do my best, to not to let problems get the better of me and to keep moving forward

    Thats it.

    (I was intentionally vague about kaname’s personal sharing because i wanted to respect his privacy.)


  20. J Rose says:

    Reika! 😀 She inspired me so much, and with my eagerness to meet her, I sacrificed a month’s worth of allowance to meet her, haha xD And I was lucky enough to be one of those fangirls who got to attend her meet and greet, even though we were at the second session.


  21. Marose Loperez says:

    .KANAME~ ❤ 'coz he fits very well all the characters everytime he cosplay.


  22. Reeza Salvador says:

    For me, its Reika-san~! (^//^)/ She became my inspiration why I started cosplay and She cosplays most of my favorite characters~! (>///<)

    I also went on conventions where she is (except for Cebu ^^")


  23. Kaine says:

    I love the 3 of them, but my favorite among them is KANAME☆. Why? to make everything short, I’m a woman, and KANAME☆ is a man. (period… no need to complicate things). if there’s one sentence I can describe my feelings for him, that’ll be “I really love Kaname” ( ̄ー ̄)


  24. Alyssia Florano says:

    My all time favorite coser is JIN-san

    Ever since I saw her on Deviant Art at 2008, I fell in love with her passion for cosplaying. At Ozine 2009 I think? I was still in Pampanga that time and I couldn’t go to cons so I had a close friend get her autograph in my stead. When I got the autograph I stared at it for like 10 seconds before I screamed like a little girl.

    Then years later I got the chance to meet her at a cosplay even it was UP-AME 1 UP February 2013. (She was really approachable! I was a little spazzy that time, syempre first time seeing her after being a big fan since 2008! – I stalked her Deviantart that time I even studied hard for UP Entrance exams so I can study fine arts there and be closer to her but I wasnt able to get a slot since my sciences test held my back so instead I went to a manila school in hopes of being able to catch her at conventions.)

    I wa not able to see her this last cosmania but I really wish I had at least gotten her autograph that day. She is wonderful and I wouldnt be this determined and passionate cosplayer right now if weren’t for her.


  25. Komatsu.Lhen says:

    My favorite among the three? , eventually I am a fan of all of them that I’ll be happy to accept which one would be left for me, (if ever I win), because having atleast one of those signed photo by them is already enough for me. I really can’t decide among them because I love them xDD. I discovered Kaname years ago, when he judged the performance of the gosiengfiao sisters last AFA..since then I’ve been a fan of him xD I love how I can see how passionate he is in his hobby. For Reika, well I discovered her when she first came here in phil. (it was cosmania too), When Cosmania posted a photo of her, I started to search pics of her male cosplays which were all too awesome >_< _< and look all bishie <3, and lastly speaking of crossplays, we also have our very own ms. Jin, discovered her through the net,(forgot how though) I have been fascinated by her cosplays because she mostly cosplays male characters :D. I also love how down to earth she is, she is soo nice in person ;^; . I love them all, and I think whichever is given to me, I'll be delighted & reallyy happy to have them ❤


  26. lain says:

    I think Reika is more versatile, but my favorite is Kaname. I’ve read some of his recent interviews, and he gave very smart and inspiring details about his passion, life and plans. I find I can relate to the things he revealed about himself. I admire that he is able to live what he really loves to do. Plus, we’re about the same age nyehehe!


  27. The Bliss Forest says:

    My favorite among the three is Jin. I have been a great fan of hers since I first got to know of her works in 2011. I believe that she has a strong passion not only for cosplay but also for cosplay itself. Also, despite being a renowned cosplayer, she has been able to keep her feet on the ground. I believe that it is an admirable characteristic knowing that a lot of people have become overbearing just by having their very own “15 minutes of fame”. 🙂


  28. Alice says:

    Kaname is the best because “No Homo!” … “No Life.” by reika-heicho


  29. I like Kaname-star because he’s one – if not the – most awesome Cloud cosplayers around (and his friend makes an awesome Sephiroth X3). Being a fan of FF:AC, and having cosplayed Kadaj, meeting him was an incredible experience!


  30. chili says:

    Hey, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boring. I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! Come on!


    1. Uh sorry, I guess? 😐 It’s been a couple of months since I was home from Japan so no Tokyo-related posts for now.


  31. Alekxis says:



  32. aerish says:

    I ❤ ❤ ///^//////^///< like when I first saw him in the convention (*A*)
    Priceless. Speechless.


  33. Cecille says:

    I love REIKA because she’s very detailed in crafting her cosplays. Plus, she pulled off most princes from UtaPri and even my OT3 Kiseki for Kurobas! Plus I admire her dedication in interacting with her international fans (she’s learning English right? <3)


  34. Cecille says:

    I love REIKA because she’s very detailed in crafting her cosplays. Plus, she pulled off most princes from UtaPri and even my OT3 Kiseki for Kurobas! Plus I admire her dedication in interacting with her international fans (she’s learning English right? <3) I love KANAME toooooooo (and his squishy face). Don't get me started with his glare orz


  35. Ayu says:

    I like Reika! When I saw her last CosMania, I regretted not buying a premium pass to meet her. She’s good at cosplaying males (as well as the occasional females)!!


  36. Hara says:

    i like Reika the most!
    I became a fan (obsessed, actually haha!) when i first saw her top at World Cosplay. She’s so good at cosplaying male characters! I observed her make up style and it was so good that there are no two same looking characters when she does it.
    I also stalked (a little bit) her facebook fan page. I got to the point when she wasn’t that popular yet because her posts only get less than a hundred likes!!!! haha!

    What’s most admirable to her is that she responds to her fans. She’s very polite and lovely. She smiles all the time. She knows how to have fun. She also considers the fan’s requests, such as being an adorable Levi at CosMania13 ❤ She also responds to various tweets and facebook comments/tags!
    She is a lovely person as a whole. She is someone to be admired as a cosplayer, and as a down to earth being.


  37. mai-chan says:

    KANAME☆! because I really admire his cosplays and he always is happy with his hobby/work.. so happy that I finally met him in person :3


  38. Anna says:

    I’ve always liked Reika because there was a time in my early otaku days where i was uninterested in cosplay because i could never find good ones. then I saw her cosplay of Barnaby (Tiger and Bunny) and i instantly fell in love. Upon further research, I found out that ‘he’ was a ‘she’ i have to say it broke my heart. But I didn’t care, I still loved her work. She was one (The other one is Jesuke Jes, She was in Cosmania 2013 too. she was cosplaying Mikasa, then. ) of the cosplayers who made me like Cosplays. 😀


  39. Anna says:

    But Kaname is also great, I haven’t followed him as much as i’ve followed reika, but i really loved, loved, loooooved his Cloud Strife cosplay. I mean, not many people can pull off cloud. Because despite the simplicity of Cloud’s design, there was a certain element that lacked most cosplayers. I can’t really figure out what it is, though; but whatever it was, Kaname has it. And i Applaud him for it. :)))


  40. Anna says:

    I found out about Jin through my friend. She was -still is, actually. – about Jin. When i found about her, I was more interested in Tuxessories rather than her cosplays. A few years later, After I was a little more mature – otaku-wise – I looked her up again. I found her cosplays simple yet cool. and there’s something about her smile that’s distinct. It makes her stand out from the rest of the cosplay community. and it attracts your attention. :)))


    1. Anna says:

      *She was -still is, actually. – obsessed about Jin. When I found out about her,…


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