How to Sanitize Cosplay Make-up


Let’s face it: cosplay is an expensive hobby, and lots of cosplayers try to save a little bit of cash by sharing items like costumes, wigs, and make-up. And although being frugal and keeping costs down is admirable, it should not come at the cost of one’s health. Skin and eye infections can spread easily if cosplayers share make-up and make-up tools without sanitizing them! So before you share that make-up, remember to sanitize them before handing them over to your best friend.

How to Sanitize Cosplay Make-up

Clean brushes and sponges.

Ideally brushes should be cleaned after every use, but if don’t use them often then a good clean once a week should suffice. You can use a commercial brush cleaner purchased from a drugstore or cosmetics chain, but you can also use antibacterial liquid handsoap or dish-washing gel diluted in a cupful of water in a pinch.

Swirl your brush around in the cleaning solution — change it several times until the liquid runs clear. Pat your brushes dry with a paper towel to get rid of most of the water (never squeeze!) and then let it airdry. Check your bushes and sponges for damage — if it’s starting to fall apart just toss it and get a new one.

How to Sanitize Cosplay Make-up

Clean foundation cakes and eye shadow pans.

Clean foundation cakes, eye shadow pans, and other compressed powders but wiping the top layer off with a tissue, and then spraying the surface with 70% isopropyl alcohol stored in a small spray bottle. Let the alcohol dry before using the pan again. If possible use disposable brushes or cotton buds, and never your hands or an unsanitized brush. And no double dipping! 😦

Clean lipstick.

Even if you use a lip brush, always make it a habit to clean tubes of lipstick of you are sharing with others. You can clean lipstick by carefully swiping a clean tissue across the top of the tube to remove the top layer. As an added measure, you can dip the lipstick in a small cup of 70% isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes and then let dry (don’t worry, the alcohol will not affect the quality of the lipstick!).

How to Sanitize Cosplay Make-up

Use a spatula.

If you are sharing a jar of mousse foundation or dab concealer, don’t just stick your fingers in the pot! The germs and bacteria from your nails and fingers will stay in the pot long after you’ve used it >.> To safely share a pot of make-up, use a specialized make-up spatula to dispense a small amount of product into your hand. If you don’t have a spatula handy, use clean cotton buds instead.

Don’t share mascara!

You may be able to clean and sanitize a lot of things, but unfortunately mascara is not one of them 😦 So to be safe from eye infections and prevent it from spreading among your make-up buddies and cosplay friends, purchase your own tube of mascara and don’t share it with others. Also, be sure to throw away any mascara tube that is older than six months — just to be safe. Remember: an eye infection is not kawaii!!!

Do you have other safe make-up sharing tips? We would love to hear them in the comments 😀

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  1. Judith says:

    There’s a workaround for mascara but it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth.
    1) Never use the wand that comes with the tube;
    1.5) Plus points if you get one where the wand isn’t initially inside the tube (like Covergirl); and
    2) No double-dipping with the wand that you use. Disposable wands will come in handy in this case.
    This is pretty useful for cosplay friends/groups who have that one friend everyone borrows make-up from.

    Best option is still to decline lending your personal mascara and eyeliner. :))


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