2015 O-Kun Fiesta Toy Photography Contest

PSICOMโ€™s leading otaku lifestyle magazine, Otaku Asia, has announced its first event, O-kun Fiesta 2015! O-kun Fiesta 2015 is slated for May 16 at Function Room 1 SMX Convention Center Pasay features a number of competitions — including a Toy Photography Contest!

O-kun Fiesta 2015

Instead of the usual competition where entries are sent ahead of time, O-Kun Fiesta’s Toy Photography Contest will be an on-the-spot competition. O-kun Fiesta will have an exhibit of figures and toys, and contestants must take their photos and submit them on on or before 4:00 PM of the same day to qualify for the competition.

O-Kun Fiesta Toy Photography Contest Rules

— Open to all ages male and female.
– Registration will be onsite. Registration booth is located at the right side of the function room upon entrance.
– Registration starts at 10AM.
– Digital Cameras & DSLRs can be used when joining the competition.
– Participants can bring any figure toy as a subject.
– Participants can send up to 3 entries only.
– Contestants must take a picture/pictures of their subject within the function room only.
– All artworks must be submitted at the registration booth by 4PM. Late entries will not be accepted.

Criteria for Judging

–Adherence to Theme: 10%
– Creativity: 20%
– Quality: 30%
– Originality: 40%

For more information, check out the official O-Kun Fiesta site. Good luck!

About Otaku Asia
Started as Otaku Asia Anime Magazine in 2013, Otaku Asia has transformed itself to be Philippineโ€™s otaku lifestyle magazine. Based in Quezon City, the OA team has published magazines with various sections for cosplay, art, food, music, games, lifestyle, communities, tutorials and Japanese pop culture.

magnetic-rose.net is a Major Sponsor of O-kun Fiesta 2015.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. shinjei says:

    Are there any rules regarding photo enhancing process/post production?


    1. The competition is on the spot so I believe raw images are required for submission.


      1. shinjei says:

        Alright, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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