2015 O-Kun Fiesta Toy Photography Contest

PSICOM’s leading otaku lifestyle magazine, Otaku Asia, has announced its first event, O-kun Fiesta 2015! O-kun Fiesta 2015 is slated for May 16 at Function Room 1 SMX Convention Center Pasay features a number of competitions — including a Toy Photography Contest!

O-kun Fiesta 2015

Instead of the usual competition where entries are sent ahead of time, O-Kun Fiesta’s Toy Photography Contest will be an on-the-spot competition. O-kun Fiesta will have an exhibit of figures and toys, and contestants must take their photos and submit them on on or before 4:00 PM of the same day to qualify for the competition.

O-Kun Fiesta Toy Photography Contest Rules

— Open to all ages male and female.
– Registration will be onsite. Registration booth is located at the right side of the function room upon entrance.
– Registration starts at 10AM.
– Digital Cameras & DSLRs can be used when joining the competition.
– Participants can bring any figure toy as a subject.
– Participants can send up to 3 entries only.
– Contestants must take a picture/pictures of their subject within the function room only.
– All artworks must be submitted at the registration booth by 4PM. Late entries will not be accepted.

Criteria for Judging

–Adherence to Theme: 10%
– Creativity: 20%
– Quality: 30%
– Originality: 40%

For more information, check out the official O-Kun Fiesta site. Good luck!

About Otaku Asia
Started as Otaku Asia Anime Magazine in 2013, Otaku Asia has transformed itself to be Philippine’s otaku lifestyle magazine. Based in Quezon City, the OA team has published magazines with various sections for cosplay, art, food, music, games, lifestyle, communities, tutorials and Japanese pop culture.

magnetic-rose.net is a Major Sponsor of O-kun Fiesta 2015.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. shinjei says:

    Are there any rules regarding photo enhancing process/post production?


    1. The competition is on the spot so I believe raw images are required for submission.


      1. shinjei says:

        Alright, thank you! 🙂


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