Local Artiste Disses Cosplayers, Then Cosplays


File this under “Too Stupid to Function”: local artiste Bela Padilla (Uhm who the hell is Bela Padilla?!) tweets against cosplayers who attend events at local shopping malls, saying their presence was too much for her fragile nerves.

Local Artiste Dissess Cosplayers, Then Cosplays Bela Padilla

The kicker? She goes on to cosplay Sailor Moon (quite poorly) on a local television show. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Local Artiste Dissess Cosplayers, Then Cosplays Bela Padilla

I don’t know if this is a deliberate move to garner attention for her own lame attempt at cosplay (DAMN GURHL I CAN SEE YOUR HAIRLINE UNDER YOUR TOO SMALL WIG) — but hey, congratulations it worked!

That aside, she should just lay off the caffeine and stop blaming cosplayers for her own jittery nerves.

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  1. Fartman says:

    I manage to check that very tweet. She said it was a compliment actually as the said props is realistic enough to creep her out lol


    1. HAHAHAHAH she should backpedal harder (怒`・ω・´)ムキッ


  2. you says:

    She might have not meant it negatively. Like she got surprised by the sight of a sword, but doesn’t mean she doesn not like cosplayers. Yea?


    1. Yes– but would you, at the sight of a prop sword, attempt to jump off a moving escalator? Most people would say “No”.

      Long story short, the girl is probably just some drama queen looking for pity tweets (or compliments on her questionable cosplay skills IDK).


  3. Abducted says:

    I think this article is rude, I don’t think she’s dissing cosplayers in her tweet. I think her tweet is a great reminder for cosplayers, that there are still issues and complains from people when it comes to cosplaying in the mall, especially when cosplaying characters that wield weapons, but It doesn’t mean I agree with her.


    1. Her statements may appear harmless to you, and mine quite inflammatory, because there is a double standard at work — I mean, look at this exchange alone: she isn’t rude for making that statement about my fellow cosplay fans, but I am rude because I called her out on it?

      As for cosplayers causing problems at malls, sure it exists — but let’s face it, besides a handful of venues the Philippines does not have the infrastructure that Japan and the US have to host giant cosplay conventions. Hence, we go for the next best thing: shopping malls.

      Just because Ms. Nervy B was startled into almost falling off an escalator, should cosplay should be banned wholesale at malls? I don’t think so.

      If she was genuinely trying to make a suggestion, then she should have IDK been the first person to propose building a cosplay-exclusive events hall so we cosplayers don’t have to use her precious mall, lest she fall off an elevator this time.


      1. Abducted says:

        I thought it was rude because of the name of the pic you posted in the article, idiot1 and idiot2, and also the tag “too stupid to function”.

        That’s why i don’t agree with her opinion against cosplaying in the mall, We don’t really have any alternative place or infrastructures to hold such events besides mall.


        1. Yay thanks for noticing 😀



          1. Abducted says:

            that was the first thing i noticed not the paragraph you written haha, i see you tweeted my comment yey!


          2. Yay coolness! ❤

            Anyway, there should really be a better way to manage local cosplay events. Not even SMX is big enough enough anymore >.> But I suppose the blame should be 50-50: 50% on cosplayers because “Hello! Stay out of the concourse area and buy a fucking ticket!”, and 50% on event organizers and hall managers who should try to come up with a better plan to contain the spill-over from the convention.

            Personally the best example of handling cosplayers that I witnessed was at Tokyo Big Sight’s Comike (Comic Market). The lines were orderly, the schedule was strictly followed, and cosplayers were in and out of costume at designated times — minimizing the “OH MY GOD IS THAT A SWORD IMMA JUMP OFF AN ESCALATOR” theatrics from non-cosplaying folks.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Was she being a hypocrite? No, she’s not. She said that it’s not a good idea to do cosplay events in MALLS. She didn’t say that it’s bad for people to do cosplays.

    I don’t know if this is a deliberate move to garner attention for your blog.


    1. Nope — I have always been this opinionated; you should ask folks in the local cosplay community.


  5. she is an “ATTENTION WHORE”


  6. Si says:

    i’m not a fan of her, in fact this is the first time i’ve heard of her… i think you’re blowing this out of proportion.

    the tweet in question says:
    “maybe it’s not a good idea to have cosplay events in malls. i saw a sword in my peripheral vision and i almost jumped off the escalator…”

    “disses” cosplayers?

    that was not a diss.

    she didn’t say “i saw a sword in my peripheral vision and i wanted to push the cosplayer off the escalator.”

    she said it surprised her. she said “MAYBE” it wasn’t a good idea, and you know what?

    IT’S NOT.

    malls aren’t the best places for a celebrating a hobby growing community like cosplay.

    honestly speaking, most cosplayers don’t like cosplaying in malls any more than regular mall-goers do.

    how many times have cosplayers complained about the cramped spaces megamall has to offer? about the “annoying” guards and bystanders who “don’t understand their hobby?”

    she didn’t outright say that she hates cosplay and all cosplayers. she didn’t insult anyone in the slightest, she only said she was surprised.

    being surprised about seeing cosplayers is a perfectly normal reaction to people who don’t know about the hobby. in fact, that reaction was pretty tame. others people react much, much worse when they see cosplayers, calling them “drug addicts” and “mascots” and completely disrespecting their personal space. what she tweeted was far from any of that.

    i won’t deny that her sailor moon cosplay is all kinds of awful. it’s poorly-made, doesn’t match the canon outfit, and her wig is a hot mess. her makeup is also inappropriate for the character.

    but horrible cosplay aside, this person has done nothing harmful to the cosplay community.

    you shouldn’t take her tweet as an attack on the cosplay community because it’s NOT. it’s just her saying “wow seeing people with swords in public really freaks me out.”


  7. Si says:

    …that aside, i agree that she’s being a drama queen (but then she is an actress?) and that her perception of cosplay is terribly warped.

    i just don’t think the title was appropriate, that’s all. she may be a hypocrite but i just don’t think that “diss” really defines what she said.

    anyway i don’t want to argue – i do like reading your blog, but this particular title rubbed me the wrong way. i know i said i don’t like cosplaying in malls (and i hardly do), i am aware that we don’t have any alternatives.


  8. well well well she just delete her tweet bakit nahihiyak ka na ba sa sinaibi mo at nakikicosplay ka na rin para lalo ka mapansin at sumikat hmmmm……..

    cosplay ka pa ng sailor moon, eh ang tanong kilala mo ba character na kinocosplay mo?
    o kaya ka nagcosplay para bawiin yung sinabi mo at nagpapapansin sa mga cosplayer.

    well well well if you want to be like us (cosplayer or otaku) ay dapat mahilig ka sa anime at na nonood ka ng anime di yung nakiki-uso kasi para sa amin ay passion ang cosplay kahit sabihin ng iba na hobby ang cosplay.


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