AKB48 Revelations: New Member a CG Composite, Rival Group to be Established

Trainee member Eguchi Aimi — whose debut for the group was with an advertisement for Japanese candy company Glico, is not even a real member. Plus, producer Akimoto Yasushi has established the official rival group to AKB48.

Cosfest X.1 Cosplay Special

Cosfest X.1 took place last 25th and 26th of June 2011 at Singapore’s Downtown East D’ Tent. The event played host to the Grand Finals of Asia Cosplay Meet 2011, and the Singapore Finals of the World Cosplay Summit.

Cosplay @ STGCC 2011

Cash prizes of up to SGD 2000 are at stake, plus the judging the competition is none other than world-famous Japanese cosplay phenomenon Kipi!

COSFEST X.1 Event Mini-Report

The major competition winners include Team Korea for the Asia Cosplay Meet Finals 2011 and the Dragon Nest pair (Huang Yan Qi and Ng Jie Xian) for the World Cosplay Summit 2011 Singapore Finals.

Manga Plates Bring Extra Spice to the Table

These whimsical and quirky Mangazara (literally, “manga plates”) are a tongue-in-cheek tribute to those giant sheets of paper that are the boon and the bane of every manga artist’s existence.