AKB48 Revelations: New Member a CG Composite, Rival Group to be Established


Aimi Eguchi AKB48 Photoshop CG composite Rival Nogizaka46

File this under questionable ideas: supposed trainee member Eguchi Aimi — whose debut for the group was with an advertisement for Japanese candy company Glico, is not even a real member. Or a real person, for that matter. She is a Photo-chop composite of face and body parts from the other, real AKB48 members. Eguchu Aimi has the eyes of Maeda Atsuko, the mouth of Shinoda Mariko, the nose of Itano Tomomi. Her voice is also borrowed; her voice actress is fellow AKB14 kenkyuusei Sasaki Yukari.

In other news — this one of the more exciting kind, AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi has sealed talks with Sony Records to establish the official rival group to AKB48. Dubbed Nogizaka46 (after Sony Records’ headquarters), they are currently holding auditions to fill out their line-up. Their scheduled debut is in the latter part of the year, with their records released by Sony Music.

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