Manga Plates Bring Extra Spice to the Table


First off, I’d like to say I had a helluva time deciding if I wanted this post under the Manga category or the Living category 😀 Having said that, these whimsical and quirky Mangazara (literally, “manga plates”) are a tongue-in-cheek tribute to those giant sheets of paper that are the boon and the bane of every manga artist’s existence.

Mangazara are flat dinner plates with manga-style sound effects on them, to emphasize the food being presented. The design revolves around the sound and feel a food item conveys when eaten. Mangazara use the sound effects for “crunch” (for fried foods), “slip-n’-slide” (for pasta), and my personal favorite — “Ta-Dah!!!”, for a juicy cut of pork or beef.

2011      2011 TAGCOM Day 3 Event Report

2011      2011 TAGCOM Day 3 Event Report

2011      2011 TAGCOM Day 3 Event Report

Conceptualized as a thesis project by artist Tsutai Mika of the Kyoto Institute of Technology, Tsutai said she just wanted to do a project that would surprise and delight people. Along with the plates, Tsutai also did the food styling and art direction for the photos that depict her final product.

No word yet if these will be available on the market soon, but I trust that some foodie manga pals are just salivating to get their hands on these. What do you say, Kaoko, Nina, Yue and Khursten?

Photos from Manga-zara by Tsutai Mika.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. nina says:

    You know me well. I’m already thinking if I should hunt for these in Hong Kong, Bangkok or Singapore.


  2. ^ same here hurr hurr hurr~


  3. Those look absolutely awesome. Keep me posted if any of you guys find some! 🙂


    1. IKR i hope they really go into production — these are too nice to just sit in a gallery somewhere :D:D:D


  4. Zane says:

    Oh, so cool!!! I want me some of these~


  5. lol me too — even if i can’t cook! 😀


  6. kathleen says:

    Heheh, expect these yummy treats being sold at exhorbitant prices in cons just how they sold Domo


    1. i hope not 😦 the prices for DOMO merch isn’t too bad, after all — given that what you bought was authentic and not a fake :/


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