Cosplay @ STGCC 2011


STGCC 2011 Cosplay Competition

The Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention is inviting all cosplay enthusiasts to join Cosplay @ STGCC, the 2011 STCGG cosplay competition! Cash prizes of up to SGD 2000 are at stake, plus the honor of being the Cosplay @ STGCC Champion!

The Cosplay @ STGCC is unique with its emphasis on the cosplayer’s transformation from regular person to cosplay superstar. Upon registration, contestants are required to submit photos of themselves sans costumes and make-up, and another one where they are all decked out in their cosplay best.

Points will be given out on the complexity and execution of the transformation, as well as for costume accuracy, characterization, props, posing and presentation. Lastly, a craftsmanship bonus is given out to contestants who hand-made their own costumes from scratch.

Overseas cosplayers may join, however please consult with the Organizing Committee via email at stgcccosplay [at] reedexpo [dot] com [dot] sg before proceeding with your registration. For a complete listing of all competition rules, please visit the official Cosplay @ STGCC page at

Judging the competition is none other than world-famous Japanese cosplay phenomenon Kipi! Kipi is renowned for her cosplay photoshoots, and her popularity has led her to appearances at major anime conventions in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Thailand. Aside from judging Cosplay @ STGCC, she will also be holding a Meet-the-fans session; please stay tuned to the STGCC Facebook page for more info on this soon.

Thanks to Hsu from STGCC for the heads-up!

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