2011 TAGCOM Day 3 Event Report


The third and final day of the 5th TAGCOM — Toys, Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, and Movies Convention, took place today the 22nd of May 2011, at Robinsons Midtown Malate. No major changes were made in the line-up of exhibitors, but it was a big day for competitions as the individual cosplay, the toy customization contests, and the Gunpla building events took place today.

2011      2011 TAGCOM Day 3 Event Report

2011      2011 TAGCOM Day 3 Event Report

With the individual cosplay competition taking place this afternoon, the event was swarming with cosplayers, photogs, and curious onlookers. Although there were a couple of cringe-inducing costumes (which I will not be talking about in detail as some people in the cosplay community can be extraordinarily thin-skinned), I did love many of today’s cosplay competitors and promenaders. Some of our favorites included The Onion Knight, Zidane, Reborn, Lambo, Darth Talon, and for shits and giggles — Lyron’s Monkey D. Luffy with the Going Merry in tow.

The winners for today’s cosplay competitions are:

Best Male: Alexis Jurado (Mr. Bean)
Best Female: Izabel Cortez (Darth Talon)
Best Kids: Belldandy Chii Grimarez (Samurai Predator)
Best Historical: Larry Ponquillo (Navy SEALS)

2011      2011 TAGCOM Day 3 Event Report

2011      2011 TAGCOM Day 3 Event Report

Overall 2011 TAGCOM was pretty okay — merchandise-wise the selection was fairly diverse, and the range of competitions for different collectors and enthusiasts was widespread. However, the onstage activities left a lot to be desired. The musical performances were horrible and gave me a migraine — the very least that one “singing group” (and I use the term loosely) could have done was stay in tune.

I was also not a fan of one of the emcees, who had a tendency to scream into the mike. Remember kids, volume =/= showmanship; you can be a good emcee without deafening everyone in the crowd. But those minor issues are nothing that can’t be fixed in the next event, which I hope does take place, as TAGCOM is shaping up to be one of those events that offers free admission and still manages to deliver the goods. Cheers to everyone at HOBBIWORX, and see you all next year!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. amhuirnin says:

    felt the same bout the on stage performances. saw two dance numbers and had to walk away >_>


  2. LMAO in case that happens again, may i suggest seeking refuge in one of the PADRE FAURA wing restos and shops? the twisting hallways make sure the noise from the MAIN ATRIUM barely reaches you >:D


  3. YUE says:

    Thanks for this report!
    Me & my friend went there at the 1st day, to try avoiding people.
    It turned out that its no use, there were still a lot of people already! (LOL)

    I wonder if the “horrible musical performances” was the same guy with day1.
    Coz at morning of day1, there was this guy singing sentai medley…which was sorta like “素人喉自慢” to me.(with of course, just “one ring”)
    Why did they need that performance anyway? O_o;

    Although I must say I had fun.
    It was my 1st time experience with Tagcom…I might go back next year. :3


  4. i think the problem with the bad musical performances is that the event says “yes” to every one who volunteers to sing and dance onstage — never mind that they have very little talent, or need more practice :/


  5. Faith says:

    cool! sooo many plushies! poor musical performances? hahaha! wth! yeah! auditions could be great…


  6. Sakura says:

    The musical performance done by a girl group was really horrible,but there was a group who sang on the stage and I really love the voice of their 2 male vocalist. hope to hear them once again on other convention.


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