L’Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012

L’Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012

Anyone up for Round 2?! 😀 In a move that caught most fans unaware, Japanese superband L’ Arc~en~Ciel announced their second world tour — covering seven venues in three continents!

L’ Arc~en~ciel is — for the uninitiated, one of the most popular and influential bands to ever come out of Japan. They have sold over thirteen millions albums, sixteen million singles, and millions more in VHS and DVD sales. Composed of Hyde (vocals), Ken (guitar), Tetsu (bass), and Yukihiro (drums), the band is also known for popular themes for anime shows such as Rurouni Kenshin, Final Fantasy, and Gundam.

The initial tour dates have been announced as follows, with more to come as arrangements are made:

Hong Kong: 3 March 2012 @ Asia World Expo Arena
Bangkok: 7 March 2012 @ Impact Arena
Shanghai: 10 March 2012 @ Mercedes-Benz Arena
Taipei: 17 March 2012 @ TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall
New York: 23 March 2012 @ The Theater at Madison Square Garden
London: 11 April 2012 @ indigO2
Paris: 14 April 2012 @ Le Zenit

For ticketing and other updates, stay tuned to larc-en-ciel.com/wt2012. You can also Like their fanpage at Facebook or follow them on Twitter for up-to-the-minute info and other fun stuff.

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  1. Kat says:

    HK or Bangkok!!! Here we come!


    1. definitely at the HK gig, thinking twice about the BKK gig~


  2. racoon says:

    why you don’t visit jakarta l’arc???i’ve wait for long time to see you


    1. there is a “film live” in jakarta — the band will not be performin in person, but they will be screening a concert at a movie theatre like it was a real “live” 🙂


  3. shirl says:

    Want to go again, hopefully nearer the stage so I could catch Tetsu’s banana hahahaha!


  4. i prefer the stands at these gigs LOL~

    i only buy arena tickets if it’s TOKYO DOME (LUNA SEA OMG!) ❤


  5. kathleen says:

    Buti pang Bangkok kasama sa world tour…kelan kaya Manila? >,<


    1. when the laruku fans equal the number of kpop fans, probably~


  6. kenryoku says:

    Hi. This would be my first ever to attend a concert overseas. Are you planning to have a Philippine contingent again this year? I was aiming for the Taiwan leg but scheduling and language issues prevented me from obtaining VIP tickets. Next aim is HK. Would you have any tips to share on how to fully enjoy this experience? I’m stressed out already by trying to procure the ticket that I want.


    1. yup there’s going to be a PH contingent — but like most overseas events like cons and concerts it’s basically small groups of friends(3-4 pax) planning the trip together, and then meeting up with the other groups at the event venue. it’s pretty loose and fluid and can any any which way~ try to hook some of your friends up together and form a travelling party 🙂


  7. kenryoku says:

    Thanks! Just bought my tickets to the HK leg. So excited already!

    Going solo but I look forward to bumping into fellow Pinoys at the venue.


    1. tickets — ah did you mean airline tickets? 😀 AFAIK HKTICKETING still has not updated their site on concert tickets 🙂


  8. kenryoku says:

    I meant the concert tickets already. There was a pre-sale this morning. Tickets were gone in 3mins.


  9. LOL congratulations~ 😀

    we’re getting ours a bit later; their last HK gig wasn’t sold out so we’re not too worried 🙂


  10. kenryoku says:

    Thanks (^_^)

    I’m so excited I can’t hardly wait to get my hands on a ticket.

    Only tickets for a certain section were sold this morning so I’m likewise sure there are still plenty for everyone.

    Hurry up March!


  11. Yuki says:

    @kenryoku – They had a presale for HK tickets?? Was it announced somewhere? I didn’t hear about that. T__T


  12. kenryoku says:

    Official L’Arc email did not announce it but there was a notice at HK ticketing for the Nov. 24 pre-sale. What L’Arc email announced was a Nov. 30 date but got the time wrong.

    You may want to try your luck at L’Arc LJ as a few prime tickets are being sold there by people who happened to book extra.


  13. Michelle Lucero says:

    ..I GOT A HK TICKET..!! ^___^

    *happy dance!*

    yeah there was a pre-sale for VIP tickets a week before the general sales…wasnt able to buy one though, damn site kept failing on me, then b4 i knew it, the tickets got SOLD OUT in under 5mins! =(

    ..but in the end i snagged a “riser seat” ticket..and im contended with that..=)

    Are there people already planning to have a Phil Contingent or something?? coz i dont know any other pinoy L’arc Fan that would go to HK…(..sana meron..)


  14. Merii says:

    Hi, it’s two weeks to go before the kickoff concert in HK..

    Do you guys have any idea what time they’ll start selling tour goods?

    The only thing I’m worried about is not being able to snag some..preferably shirts. LOL. (sayang naman pag-iipon ko sa mga nakalipas na panahon, haha)


    1. they start selling goods at around 4PM, but people usually line up as early as noon. things tend to get sold out quickly so the closer you are to the front of the line, the better your chances of scoring goods.


  15. neener says:

    going solo but i hope to be able to bump into some other Pinoy fans this weekend! 🙂
    thanks for the info abt the goods queue.. i was wondering if they accept CC’s? thanks


    1. Hi there! The goods shop is cash (HKD) only 🙂 Have fun!


  16. blue_scarlet says:

    I know 4-5 Filipinos who’ll go to the HK concert but does anyone here know Pinays/Pinoys who’ll go to the BKK concert? My friend and I are going to the BKK concert and it’s my first time to attend a concert overseas. I don’t know what to expect. Attending with fellow Pinoy fans would make things easier. >_<


    1. A couple of people may be flying to Bangkok and Singapore instead but I personally don’t know any of them — sorry ^^;; It really looks like a majority of the people are flying to Hong Kong ^^;;


  17. blue_scarlet says:

    Awww… We can’t get tickets w/ good seats for the HK show that’s why we opted for BKK, and we bought our tickets before the SG concert was announced. It’s more fun to attend a concert w/ Fellow Pinoys.

    Hopefully, someone who’ll go to BKK reads my plug:

    “2 Pinay Laruku Fans going to BKK concert looking for fellow Pinoy concert goers. Let’s meet up! Send me an email.” Hahaha.


  18. MoonChild says:

    i wanna go! but no money LOL :))


  19. Please help us garner votes for #LArcMNL in the next world tour!


    Voter Registration Starts!

    Your click of vote will bring L’Arc~en~Ciel to your city!
    The cities for the next WORLD TOUR will be chosen by your votes from around the world!!!
    Voting starts on 6/1/2012 at 8:00AM (GMT)!



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