Bandai Wins Suit Against Chinese Toy Pirates


Bandai Wins Suit Against Chinese Toy Pirates

Via ANN: Bandai — Japanese manufacturer of Gundam toys and model kits, has won a copyright infringement lawsuit versus Chinese toy company Hong Li.

The case has been pending since November 2009, after a decision passed down in December 2010 was appealed by Hong Li. The new ruling upheld the initial judgement, thereby cementing Hong Li’s culpability in the case.

Chinese courts ordered Hong Li to issue a public apology for producing copies of questionable quality, of major Bandai products such as the Gunpla HG and MG lines and the BB Senshi snap-kit lines.

Hong Li is also required to pay damages and cover all attorney’s fees — which has so far amounted to JPY 10M or about USD 130,000, as well as cease all manufacture and sale of the faked Gunpla products.

The damage that Hong Li has wreaked on Bandai’s bottom line is nearly immeasurable, owing to the extent that the fake products have been distributed. It is not unusual to see Hong Li “Gundams” being sold online at rock bottom prices, as well offline by less scrupulous retailers at our very own Divisoria.

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  1. anon says:

    ah, Japan. One of our shields against fake chinese products.


    1. the japanese lose a lot of business because of chinese fakes, so it’s understandable they’re taking a hard line against them.


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