Nintendo’s 3DS May Induce Nausea in Some Users

Nintendo's 3DS Induce Nausea

As if the news that the new Nintendo 3DS was going to be region-locked didn’t already put a damper on things, here are more updates that may make you want to hang on your cash — at least until all the hiccups were worked out.

According to Kotaku, some users reported suffering from nausea after several minutes of playing games on the handheld console’s 3D projection option. Other users meanwhile complained of eye strain and other eye-related complaints.

The affected users also claimed that once they switch to 2D, the discomfort eased and eventually faded away after a few minutes. It should be noted though that the same complaints were heard from people who watched 3D movies and television, so the source of the discomfort may not be a flaw with the 3DS but related to individual tolerances for 3D projected images.

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