The E-mook Review Series: Uniqlo

The E-mook Review Series: Uniqlo

Kaoko of Kitchencow has very kindly lent me one of her e-mooks to do a once-over on in our E-mook Review Series. Hers is the Uniqlo e-mook from Fall/Winter 2009, and features a large-size canvass tote perfect for shopping trips to the mall, the vintage shop, or your favorite organic foods store.

The magazine Uniqlo’s fun and funky basics — tees, jeans, coats, and accessories, tossed together willy-nilly to come up with great looks that range from preppy to post-modern. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in HK or Singapore or even Tokyo in a regular basis, you can shop for the featured items at your favorite Uniqlo branch; otherwise, you can simply take cues from the magazine and source the clothing from local alternatives.

The bag itself is kinda neat — made from a high-quality canvas material similar to cheesecloth but not as scratchy. The exterior spells out all the cities where Uniqlo is currently found in funky silver print. The seams are sewn very cleanly, and the bag can lift pretty hefty loads despite its frail appearance. The bag is also wide enough to tote unsually large items around, like four Pullip boxes stacked in a two by two configuration :DDDDD

However, the Uniqlo tote is honestly not my thing. The silver-print-on-canvas vibe doesn’t strike me as being particularly attractive; I think I would’ve been happier if the print was in red or black. If you love the brand, then that’s enough reason to get the tote — it is quite a looker and pretty affordable, but in my case I’ll be happier giving it a pass.

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  1. sephiroth says:

    I love Uniqlo o/


  2. kaoko says:

    I actually forgot you had it. (facepalm)

    Best thing about this e-mook was that it was free! They threw it in when your receipt hit 100 SGD. Happy happy joy joy!


    1. if it’s free, it’s fabulous :DDDD but at the SGD 39 price tag it was originally going for at KINOKUNIYA? no thanks :/


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