2007 Tokyo Trip Day 2: Harajuku

Nagi, Micchan, and I were expected in Harajuku after lunch, and we had time to spare so we dropped by Shibuya first for some shopping and random lolz. We all ended up spending far more than we had originally planned when I took them down the rabbit hole that is Mandarake Shibuya.

2007 Tokyo Trip Day 2: Harajuku

I picked up a shitload of yaoi tankos, and damn near cleaned out the entire shelf of Megamouse Initial D doujinshi (the only thing that prevented me from doing so was the fact that I already had those back in MANILA).

I also dropped by Shibuya Tokyu Hands and bought this neat pair of headphones from mix-styleβ„’; BOSE and Sennheiser may have better sound quality, but they’re nowhere near as cute as my babies πŸ˜› Now weighed down by comic books and boyband posters, all three of us walked to Harajuku (for fun!) XP

I love Harajuku, and I hate it at the same time :/ It’s so much cooler than any of the “hip” places here in Manila, and not because it’s expensive. On the contrary, trolling Harajuku is heck of a lot cheaper than say — Roppongi Hills, but it still beats the Hills in sheer coolness :/ I could easily drop a few hundred dollars just buying random stuff like lace-festooned leather wallets and can badges with band names on them 😦

I guess the thing that bugs me the most with Harajuku is the fact that while there were probably close to fifty lolitas and v-kei cosplayers in the bridge that day, less than ten of them were fugly and/or fugly-dressed. Most of them were made up of awesome and win (and were pretty nice too).

There’s probably only a handful of nice-looking, well-dressed local lolis and vkei girls — and I know all of them — so comparing the scene at the bridge to local events held here, with naive and conceited high school kids walking around in badly-put together “punk” looks and hastily cobbled-together loli outfits, and I am on the edge of despair.

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