2015 Autumn Japan Trip Day 6: Tokyo

We made another stop at Ikebukuro, which was a good idea because we managed to catch the tail end of Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro’s Cat Festival — where a lot of independent creators and small ateliers made catcentric merch that was like catnip for me ❤

2014 Japan Trip Day 5: Tokyo

We always make it a point to visit Meiji Jingu in Harajuku whenever we are in Tokyo, as we consider it our “home shrine” and always come to give thanks for another trip to Japan.

2013 Tokyo Trip Day 4: Harajuku

Kiddyland Harajuku and the Evangelion Store Tokyo 01 are absolutely terrible places for people with poor impulse control.

2007 Tokyo Trip Day 2: Harajuku

I love Harajuku, and I hate it at the same time :/ It’s so much cooler than any of the “hip” places here in Manila 😐