2014 Japan Trip Day 1: Tokyo

If you think you’re immune to cute, we dare you to walk into a Tokyu Hands branch and not buy anything.

2013 Tokyo Trip Day 6: Shibuya

As much as I love hanging out at Starbucks Tsutaya Q Front to get a good view of Scramble Crossing, that’s also the reason why lately it’s become such a massive pain to get a cup of coffee there.

2013 Tokyo Trip Day 5: Ikebukuro

Aside from food and shopping, Sunshine Street is actually a pretty entertaining place, with plenty of arcades, cinemas, and bars.

2007 Tokyo Trip Day 2: Harajuku

I love Harajuku, and I hate it at the same time :/ It’s so much cooler than any of the “hip” places here in Manila 😐