2007 Tokyo Trip Day 3: Akihabara and Ikebukuro

I went to Akihabara on Christmas day hoping to shop for geek stuff like dollies and action figures. Instead I ended up with a very nice, completely out-of-season yukata set, and a very pretty, very pink digital camera.

2007 Tokyo Trip Day 3: Ikebukuro

I wanted to explore the gashapon alleys, but the salarymen outnumbered me 1 to 2952309482039 — and without my friend Hiro around, they scared me a little ^^;; Hoping to recharge my otome-gokoro, I hied off to Ikebukuro to indulge in some more mass doujinshi adoption.

This where it gets rocky XD Exhausted and overheated from lugging packages and winter-weight jackets around, I popped by a convenience store to get some bottled water. When I exited the store, I realized to my horror that I left the white paper bag with by new camera somewhere x.X;;

I went back to the stores and frantically scoured the aisles of MANDARAKE IKEBUKURO and K-BOOKS — to no avail. Almost tearful and quite frazzled, I went back to the corner convenience store, hoping that someone might have spotted my camera there.

Lo and behold, the cashier said I had inadvertedly left it behind when I paid for my purchases, so he kept it behind the counter until I came back for it. My new camera was back in my hands, with the packaging still in pristine condition. I swear to god — something like this can only happen in Japan. Tokyo is made up of win and awesome.

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