Cosplay Carnival 2016

From the organizers of Cosplay Mania comes an exciting, new event with activities never seen before! Cosplay Carnival is a fun-filled 2-day event stuffed to the brim with exciting activities that highlight the many aspects of Cosplay. It is a way to introduce newcomers to Cosplay as well as show them various aspects of the hobby.

Cosplay Carnival 2016

Cosplay Carnival 2016 is slated for the 20th and 21st of February 2016, and will be held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Cosplay Carnival 2016’s line up of activities include: Cosplay OTP, Cosplay Group Dance Battle, Cosplay Karaoke, Cosplay Storage Wars, and Cosplay Costume of the Year (CCY)!

Cosplay Group Dance Battle

Just bring your crew together and create a performance that includes at least a one-minute dance and you could be a smash hit! Rules and guidelines available here.

Cosplay Storage Wars

It’s time to find hidden gems that have been sitting in storage for years, just waiting for the right person to unearth them! Find out how you can bid on or even put up your own storage items on auction by checking out these rules.

Cosplay Costume of the Year (CCY)

Who will be the next shining star? Nominate your favorite costume today! Nomination ends on February 2!
Click to see CCY Nomination rules and how to nominate.

About Cosplay.PH

Established in 2006, Cosplay.Ph is the premiere website and online community for Cosplay afficionados in the Philippines. Based in Makati City, the company has spearheaded some of the biggest cosplay events in the country, such as competitions, conventions and workshops. is an official Media Partner of Cosplay Carnival 2016.

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