Eagle Fantasy Golf Philippine Beta Test

The Golf Tour Is Open! Aiming Global Service Inc. launches open beta of its newest title for global release, Eagle Fantasy Golf. Experience a unique casual golf game you can play on the go on mobile devices. Eagle’s controls are simple and easy to use even for beginners.

Eagle Fantasy Golf Philippine Beta Test

Eagle also adapts RPG and simulation elements with over 600 outfits and equipment. You can customize your character and be as unique as you want to be. Join matches instantly with zero waiting times. Clear the courses to acquire new equipment such as golf clubs and outfits and earn money to upgrade your equipment. Be the Golf Star you’ve always wanted to be… with style!

Download Eagle Fantasy Golf today!

Eagle Fantasy Golf Philippine Beta Test

About Eagle

Obtaining a 4.5-star user review on Google Play and garnering a score of 97% for its fun factor during its Japanese release, Eagle Fantasy Golf is poised to open its unique take on the sport of golf to the global market. Top features include:

Beginner Friendly – You don’t have to be a pro to master Eagle’s controls. Even players new to golf will find an experience that’s both thrilling and fun.

Avatar Customization – Collect and mix and match over 600 outfits including swimsuits, fantasy outfits, unique costumes and other outfits from the wild to the stylish. One thing you’ll never be is boring. Eagle’s artwork is done by a famous Japanese artist, Akinashi Yuu – illustrator and character designer of “Love, Election, and Chocolate”.

Pick Up and Go – Matches are short and fun. Waiting in line at the supermarket? Need something to do while waiting at the doctor’s office? We’ve got you covered.

Eagle Fantasy Golf Philippine Beta Test

About Aiming Inc.

Aiming Inc. plans, produces, develops and operates online games for the PC and smartphone platforms. Established in May 2011, Aiming Inc. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with Tadashi Shiiba as CEO. For more information, Visit us at: http://aiming-inc.com/en

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