2015 O-Kun Fiesta Cosplay Contest


PSICOM’s leading otaku lifestyle magazine, Otaku Asia will be hosting its first O-kun Fiesta! O-kun Fiesta 2015 is slated for May 16 at Function Room 1 SMX Convention Center Pasay, and features a number of competitions — including a Solo Cosplay Contest!

O-kun Fiesta 2015

O-Kun Fiesta’s Cosplay Contest challenges cosplay fans to create their best costumes and portray their best performances. Competitors are divided into three major categories: Chibi (Child), Cloth, and Mecha.

O-Kun Fiesta Cosplay Contest Rules

— Open to INDIVIDUALS ages male and female.
– Registration will be onsite. Registration booth is located at the right side of the function room upon entrance. Only 40 contestants will be accepted
– Registration will be from 10am-3pm only. O-kun Fiesta reserves the right to turn down applications.
– There will be 3 categories: the chibi cosplay, mecha cosplay and the cloth cosplay.

Chibi cosplay: all kids ages 1-12.
Mecha cosplay: cosplayers ages 12 and above.
Cloth cosplay: cosplayers ages 12 and above.

— Metal and sharp props are not allowed.
– Original characters will not be accepted.
– Lewd costumes and showing of inappropriate skin is not allowed. The SMX and O-kun Fiesta management will ask – you to dress or leave the building premises.
– Contestants must bring three (3) different PRINTED copies as reference pictures of the costume.
– Contestants will be only given a maximum of one (1) minute to present onstage. Deductions will be given every exceeding minutes.
– Applicants may bring a bgm accompaniment and present it upon registration. On-site editing will not be allowed. – Music must be in .mp3 format.
– Contestants must be ready at the right side of the stage, wearing their numbers 30 minutes before the competition starts.

Criteria for Judging

–Craftsmanship: 45%
– Performance: 45%
– Audience Impact: 10%

For more information, check out the official O-Kun Fiesta site. Good luck!

About Otaku Asia
Started as Otaku Asia Anime Magazine in 2013, Otaku Asia has transformed itself to be Philippine’s otaku lifestyle magazine. Based in Quezon City, the OA team has published magazines with various sections for cosplay, art, food, music, games, lifestyle, communities, tutorials and Japanese pop culture.

magnetic-rose.net is a Major Sponsor of O-kun Fiesta 2015.

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