2014 Japan Trip Day 14: Nagoya


Continued from 2014 Japan Trip Day 13: Nagoya.

It was our last day in Japan, so we basically decided to take it easy until our late evening flight. Probably the most strenuous thing we did was crawl through Nagoya’s Sakae district looking for last minute bargains from Don Quixote and Book-Off (Protip: Book Off not only sells books, but also electronics, CDs and DVDs, and designer bags — yes, as in LV, Chanel, and all the usual suspects!).

2014 Japan Trip Day 13: Nagoya

After wandering into a Fujiya to gorge on some lovely Japanese-style western food, it was off to the airport with twice as many suitcases as we started out. Although dragging what could be our own weights in souvenirs and personal shopping is not our idea of a good time, Nagoya’s easy-to-navigate train system was a blessing.

So that’s it for our Japan adventure this 2014! Stay tuned as we leave for the Land of the Rising Sun again in just a little over five days!

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  1. AG says:

    It’s very interesting how Japanese-style fusion food looks like. The mix of flavors and textures is probably something that you either like, or not like. Basing on how much food you have on the table, my guess is that you probably find it interesting and likeable at the same time! Thanks for sharing your experience in Japan!


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