Lupin III Film Manila Release Slated


Via Facebook: SM Cinemas has teased fans with the Manila release of the Lupin III live action film. Further announcements will be released by the theatre chain via their Facebook fanpage.

Lupin III Film Manila Release Slated

The new adaptation stars Oguri Shun as the eponymous Aresene Lupin III and Kuroki Meisa as Mine Fujiko. The film will feature the story arc “Crimson Heart of Cleopatra” — a treasure that allows its owner to control the world.

The original Lupin III manga is written and illustrated by Monkey Punch. It has spawned a media franchise that includes manga, television series,animated feature films, live-action films, animated OVAs, yearly television specials, music CDs, video games, and a musical.

There was even a Filipino telenovela adaptation, which was widely panned due to its bad acting and tepid storyline.

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