Japan Relaxes Visa Requirements, But Still Not Visa-free for Filipinos


Via The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: the Japanese government has substantially relaxed visa requirements for travelers from the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Japan Mulls Visa-Free Entry for Filipinos

Multiple-entry visa requirements have been substantially relaxed, and requirements for single-entry tourism visas will be relaxed to a quasi-exemption-equivalent level when applied via specified travel agencies.

The quasi-exemption-equivalent level is similar to South Korea visas for Filipinos, wherein you are technically free to come and go, however you are still required to apply for a visa as a formality.

Currently, Philippine passport holders traveling to Japan on short-term visits of up to fifteen days are qualified to apply for multiple entry visas with three years validity. Complete instructions for applying for a multiple-entry visa can be found here.

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  1. Jane says:

    How about if you are denied last march 2014. Do we still need to wait for another 6 months to re apply again?


    1. No word yet on revisions on the six-month waiting period for denied applications; let’s just wait and see.


  2. Jackie Acosta says:

    Hi Magnetic Rose.

    I find your blog very helpful and I like your direct to the point comments to your readers.

    I am an OFW in Bahrain and is a frequent traveler for work & tourism purposes (GCC, UK – business,10yr multiple, Australia-tourist 1yr multiple, Shengen, SouthEast Asia). I have recently bought flights for my 14y.o. son and myself for a 7-day tour in Japan – kc promo ang Cebu Pac! 🙂

    1. Am I right to think that I shall apply for my Japan Tourist visa in my country of residence (Bahrain) for myself first? If yes, is it advisable to apply for single or multiple entry considering this is just my first Japan visa application?

    Single entry – not to risk any 6-mo ban in case it gets rejected
    Multiple Entry – looking ahead, I might need to re-visit Japan for work related purpose sometime end of the year, it is just more handy to have multiple entry visas too.

    2. Can I include my 14y.o. son (who is currently in the Phils) on my application with the Embassy of Japan in Bahrain? Or shall I just wait for my visa to be approved first, then apply for my son’s days before (say 1 wk prior) we fly out to Japan (with one of the accredited agencies in the Phils)?

    Thanks in advance for your help. Keep up the good work, your blog is very informative.



    1. Hi Jackie! I would like to help answer your question for the meantime while Magnetic_Rose is busy.

      1. Her post on multiple entry visas clearly mentions that a requirement for multiple entry is a prior Japan visa issued within the past 3 years. So you should apply for single entry if this is your first time. You should apply at the Japanese embassy in Bahrain.

      2. Is your son a resident of Bahrain, with documents proving his residency? If not, do not apply for his visa in Bahrain! In my experience, Japanese embassies do not accept visa applications from persons who do not reside in the country they are applying at. If he lives in the Philippines and has a Philippine passport, make him apply separately in the Philippines. Also, applying 1 week prior to the flight is treading dangerous territory. The Japanese embassy is pretty fast in processing applications, but a little hiccup in your son’s application (additional document requirements, etc.) could mean a missed flight. Please apply at least a month before your flight.

      The accredited agencies in the Philippines have a lot of experience in handling visa applications and I recommend you discuss with them on the best way to proceed if you really want to be sure.


      1. Thanks for the save 😀


  3. Edgar Orino says:



    1. Are you from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs? No? Okay then.


      1. tuksoil says:

        I smell racism here -_-


        1. If that were the case, then the United States, the EU, UK, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Cambodia, Tibet, South Africa, and every other country on the planet who required visa applications from Filipinos would also be considered racist.


          1. tuksoil says:

            Well if those well real, then it would be better to know if they have the same “strict policies” as well. if that’s the case then yes, they are all the same -_-


          2. They do, and in the case of the United States, they are even more strict than Japan.

            Actually this is not a case of racism — visas are legal and acceptable methods that countries use to safeguard their own interests from foreigners regardless of their nationality.

            Try to do a bit more reading on globlization and foreign policy as you are clearly unfamiliar with them; the act of issuing a visa is not as generalized or as simplistic as you think it is.


          3. tuksoil says:

            OK i guess you are right about that, but now that i got your attention,…

            “requirements for single-entry tourism visas will be relaxed to a quasi-exemption-equivalent level when applied via specified travel agencies.”

            Does this apply to every travel agencies here in the Philippines and how long would this substantial relaxation go on?

            Thank you.


  4. Hello,

    We are planning to visit Japan this coming December with my Parents, I just want to clarify, since we are going to visit Japan together with my Parents, what documents should we submit, should we use the documents of my Parents since my work is just a homebased job. I cant provide any ITR and COE since this is only a Homebased job, no tax no certificate of employment, also my parents are OFW’s they don’t have any taxes at all should we write a letter of explanation why they cant provide the said requirements? thank you. sorry i have lots of questions.


  5. Tereza Lopes says:

    It was a beautiful place for vacations with family and friends. This post helped me a lot to make my plan for the trip.


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