MechaTsuku: Japanese Company Crowdsources Fans for New Mecha Anime

Japanese production company Every Star has announced a call for entries to its mecha anime creation project! Dubbed the “Let’s Make the Mecha Anime We Want to See Project” (“Bokutachi no Mitai Mecha Anime wo Tsukurou Seisaku Iinkai”, 「僕たちの見たいメカアニメをつくろう製作委員会」) — “MechaTsuku” for short, proposals for an original mecha anime are being accepted.

MechaTsuku: Japanese Company Crowdsources Fans for New Mecha Anime

Proposals must be written in Japanese, and include a: 1) title; 2) theme; 3) genre; 4); setting; and 5) brief summary of the overall plot. Entries in pdf, doc, docx, jpeg, png, ppt, pptx,and txt formats are are accepted until 30th April 2014 at the Mechatsuku entry page.

Selected proposals will move on to a second phase where character designs, mecha designs, and screenplays are solicited. This phase is slated for June 2014.

Further selected entries will enter a third phase where a teaser will be filmed and fans can vote on which teaser will be produced as a full-length show. The voting period is on 1st November 2014 to 31st March March 31, 2015.

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