On Animax Carnival and Typhoon Yolanda: An Open Letter to Local Cosplayers and Anime Fans

Dear selfish and self-absorbed local cosplayers and anime fans,

Yes, I called you selfish and self-absorbed — because you are. Just because a highly anticipated local event was cancelled almost last-minute (out of respect for the tragedy our nation has suffered and is still suffering from), it does not give you the right to vent on social media about the “unfairness” of it all.

On Animax Carnival and Typhoon Yolanda: An Open Letter to Local Cosplayers and Anime Fans

Yes, you have spent sleepless nights slaving away on your costumes. And yes, this is probably the only chance you have of seeing MAY’N live if you can’t fly overseas to catch her in Singapore or Japan. But those “life-changing tragedies” are small, tiny, FUCKING MINISCULE compared to the suffering that our fellow countrymen are going through in storm-torn Visayas.

Animax (through their mother company Sony) is giving JPY 15,000,000 or roughly PhP 7,500,000 in cash donations, and much more in rescue and recovery equipment. They are doing it out of human compassion and social responsibility. But the money has to come from somewhere — and part of that will come from postponed events, lower spending on advertising, and other cutbacks.

Do you still think they are being unfair for cancelling the event? Didn’t think so.

I know that the event organizers could have taken a different direction — like turn the event into a fundraiser or charity auction, but in the end it is their decision (and their mother company’s) to hold or NOT hold Animax Carnival 2013. However we, as fans and event participants, should learn to act with maturity and respect that decision. Whining like babies on social media is the exact opposite of that.

So suck it up and STFU. If you really want to go to the Carnival, there is always next year.

No love, me.

P.S. Instead of heading for the con on 8th December, why not volunteer at a Red Cross chapter or a DSWD office instead?

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  1. Metatron says:


    Some people in the community are just whinny babies.

    Respect and understand their decision and move on.


    1. Side effect of being raised in the “ME! ME! ME! generation” :/


  2. But then, for volunteering, I’d rather pick PNRC, Caritas Manila or AFP. DSWD? They better resolve that “repackaging” thing.


  3. Gene Akizuki says:



  4. James B. says:

    While I do understand their stance and you being able to see things their way, I know for a fact that they could’ve done something that would allow the event to push through while at the same time benefitting the victims of Haiyan. :0


    1. “I know for a fact that they could’ve done something…” — just curious, are you part of the event’s organizing committee?

      As for turning the event into a benefit, they would’ve been able to raise more money to contribute to disaster relief by cancelling the event altogether and handing the funds directly to a humanitarian group, than push through with the event (with all its logistics expenses and rental costs) and try to convince participants to donate cash.

      Let’s face it: a majority of local anime fans are tightwads. Why else would they be willing to purchase a PhP 500 bootleg figure but refuse to pay the full PhP 5000 for the genuine product? Do you think that these same people would attend a free event and voluntarily hand over their cash as monetary donations to disaster relief?

      Personally, I doubt it.


  5. unlimitedgrubgrabs says:

    Those child evacuees who have been brought to Manila may want to see their anime heroes like Naruto and Luffy in the flesh (hint, hint)


  6. Philippine_Samurai says:


    So true that there have been alot of whining as of late. I guess these are those who just see the cosplay scene as a stepping stone towards fame which is the most absurd reasoning I’ve seen.

    I’m expecting either a flurry of even more whining when the date comes nearer. They just couldn’t bare to accept that goodwill act of the organizers.

    As for unlimitedgrubgrabs suggestion, I’ve thinking of it as of late. Maybe, just maybe, if a con allows the kids from Tacloban to go and see the heroes (and villians) they see on TV come to life, then maybe it would be an amazing con. Afterall, what’s more amazing is a child’s smile.


  7. TheBlissForest says:

    True that!

    I have been seeing some cosplayers on my Facebook newsfeed complaining about the cancellation of this event. It isn’t like Animax Carnival is the last cosplay event they would ever have the chance to attend in their lifetime, right? I really don’t care about how immature they could be but they have reached the point of insensitivity to the loss of our fellowmen. It’s just so sad how the youngsters have turned out to be. :/


  8. MENTLEGEN says:

    Fans disappointed? I don’t see why not, but…

    There will be other cons (though, I do feel for the fans who were really looking forward to May’n coming over)

    I’ll just put my hopes up on seeing her again in AX2014


  9. Kathleen says:

    Welcome to the Selfie era! I can’t believe these people really stooped that low in expense of other people suffering just to shove in our throats how their chance of strutting their sorry asses in the catwalk got cancelled . :/

    As for Animax I salute them for helping the victims of Yolanda. Imagine 7 million pesos going to these victims of calamities just to help them is a HUGE help nonetheless. I’ve already accepted the fact that most of the younger generation of this country are slowly turning into a ‘selfish’ bunch, but sheesh people…grow up.


  10. Ren says:

    HAHAHAHAHA i was snowballing on other sites and came across on this
    and i would have to agree with the site owner about the ranting going on various social media.

    Cancelling the event is the right move to do at this point because of the unwanted things that happened in the country in the past few months.

    another sad truth about the era today is the “ME, ME, ME! Generation” but can’t do anything about it because of the environment they grew in.

    anyway Animax will be back in a better organize event in the upcoming months
    can’t say when it is but a better event is coming up !!! watch out for it

    as for the Fans of the Galactic Star May’n she has a South East Asia tour that will start this December and End next year 2nd Quarter. so very much i don’t expect her to be the guest in the upcoming Animax event but who knows if Sony agrees then good for all of the fans and expect it wouldn’t be free because one of the reason they cancelled it is the event was free and they Sony dish out some money on the victims of yolanda so they need to cancel it in. another reason was the event place is not that secure.

    Cheers and God Bless!


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