An Open Letter to Admins of an International Cosplayer’s FB Fanpage

Dear (Pinoy) Admins of an International Cosplayer’s FB Fanpage,

Why must you take other people’s photos, slap on your huge-ass watermark, and then reupload them to your page?

First of all, the FB Share button is there — use it. There is no need to reupload a photo that already exists on the FB servers — unless you wanted to hijack the Likes/Comments/Shares from the original photo and channel it to your fanpage. That makes you a jackass.

[AFG_gallery id=’10’]

Second of all, why are you watermarking the photos you are reuploading? Did you take them? No? Then you have no right to watermark them because they are not yours. That makes you an even bigger jackass.

Lastly, you had no right to insert the phrase ALL RIGHTS RESERVED in the attribution because you have no rights to reserve — the photo isn’t even yours. Do you even know what ALL RIGHTS RESERVED means? Here, let me Google that for you, jackass.

In conclusion, bite me.

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  1. ass hamburger says:

    Holy shit, straight to the basket, magnetic rose! I’ve been administering an FB page as well that features cosplay photos, and the head admin there keeps on imposing to put a stupid watermark on the photos because he hates “grabbers”. Asshole can’t realize that he’s a fucking grabber himself. Tch. So much hate. Haha! -_-” :)))


  2. did they (the admins) ask you first or they just grab your photos and marked them? happen to me once after one of Kaname’s event in Jakarta.


    1. Sometimes they ask for permission and sometimes they don’t — it depends on who you talk to :/

      Did they also take one of your photos without permission, watermark it with their logo, and upload it to their fanpage? 😦 Yikes.

      On behalf of the boorish actions of my fellow fans and countrymen, I’m so so sorry 😦


      1. hmmm i see. the one who talk to me was very polite so i think there are no problem. but honestly i did feel like “who are you and why did you want to ‘have’ my photographs?” hahaha

        btw i haven’t upload Kaname’s photos taken by me at AFAID13 so lets see what they’re gonna do if i dont give what they want :p


        1. I am actually fine with them reposting other people’s pics with permission — what I don’t like is them putting a watermark all over it as if they owned the image :/ It’s plain old credit grabbing :/


          1. pretty much the same for me. no problem if they share or reupload (with permission of course) as long as the credits goes to respective owners.

            aaaand yes. the watermark is annoying.
            well good luck and hopefully the admins notice this letter πŸ˜€


  3. hime_gami says:

    Wow. I never thought what they were doing was bad. I’m one of the people they contacted because they wanted to upload my photos on the official fanpage.

    They said, “I will CREDIT you by linking your fb acct. ( or whatever you prefer )
    I will just add our watermark. But I will not crop or remove your watermarks.”

    So I thought, I guess it’s fine. And besides, it’s the official fanpage recognized by the cosplayer himself (according to them). I guess I’m somehow at fault too (?) for not being aware of this.


    1. It’s not your fault because 1) you weren’t aware that what they were doing was wrong; and 2) they claimed to be officially recognized.

      But regardless of whether they are official or not, they have no business going about watermarking photos that do not belong to them with their logo. That’s basically claiming ownership of am image that is not theirs.

      They are acting like photo thief and fraudster Mark Solis, just not on the same scale.


  4. katacheme says:

    And they even have the guts to do this. What a shameful act!


  5. anon says:

    the same with onegai oniichan page they grab the amiami pictures of toys and put their huge watermark over the amiami watermark, seriously it isn’t that hard to compile pictures and sprinkle additional design like borders and whatnot


    1. AAAAAAND that’s another can of worms we have to open and discuss soon :/


  6. Yuko says:

    First of all as the creator of the fan page I would like to apologize for any misunderstanding caused but I would also like to state that we are the official page and we were give permission to watermark Kaname san’s photos. If you don’t like it you can always tell us and we will remove it. People make mistakes ( although it isn’t really a mistake cuz that’s what we do but if it is to you then yea) so is it so hard to just tell the person personally that she/he made a mistake? Or is it really necessary to do something like that ? Although this is your page and you can go on doing whatever you wan but if it is do doesn’t it apply to us as well??? So if you don’t like what others do to you don’t practice otherwise. It’s a contradiction to your own words tho no offense meant but just stating. Also we didn’t remove your watermarks and as long as there is Kaname’s photo it belongs to him no? Do you then take a certain person’s photo and say no when the person uses it ? If it is so then deepest apologies.
    We might have done wrong ( to you that is ) but we never remove credits/watermarks/etc on the photo and neither did we claim as its ours. We are just protecting the rights of Kaname’s photo as if you’re aware there are so many posers out there. I’m sure you’re very well Aware of posers in the Cosplay world~ the once big issue of Heather Mikayle is enough and we won’t want Kaname to be a victim as well so I hope you’ll understand .

    Anyways still we might have wronged you
    Therefore I sincerely apologize for our mistakes and if ever happened you make a mistake in life, I hope all the best that no one would do something like that to you πŸ™‚ . You’re a well respectable and professional person as I’m aware of so I think you’ll understand it all
    Thank you for telling us that you don’t like our doing anyways and also sorry again


    1. Here’s the thing: your fellow admins at the page kept doing the grab-watermark-reupload thing despite several photographers who you ripped images off from already complaining to you on a more personal level — via FB DM or shared status message. It just sounds like you will continue the practice because not a lot of people are paying attention to the issue. Now that I’ve brought it out in the open and called you (collectively and not personally) on your bullshit, suddenly it’s my fault for not contacting you directly and keeping this on the down low? I don’t think so.

      Also, your agument of putting watermarks to prove authenticity and discourage fakes is flawed. If you really wanted to watermark the image in that way, why did you only include your fanpage URL? Shouldn’t you have tagged it the same way fashion magazines label works with the model name, photographer name, and other details? Just putting your URL is a blatant grab for credit and misleads viewers into thinking all those photos were your work.

      Lastly, you don’t owe me any apologies; you do however owe it to all the photogs whose work you have claimed as your own with every watermark you attached. After all — you’ve had your chance to do the right thing the first time a photo owner contacted for the misuse of their work but you chose not to. It had to take a very public rage post for you to sit up and pay attention. I don’t think it reflects highly of you as fanpage admins and community managers.


    2. Rien says:

      I am sorry but I don’t also understand the need to post pictures from his cure account and put “your” watermark and then post it in your page.


    3. Chase says:

      Photographers actually own the pictures they take; the subjects in those pictures don’t own them. So, Kaname doesn’t own all pictures that have his face on it.


  7. Every photo has a watermark on it and it is very disappointing. Having consent from photographers or from the cosplayer himself for you to use that “official” is not appropriate too. Not because he signed a misleading fansign of yours doesn’t make you a credible/official page. Posts are misleading too. Asking their likers to follow their accounts etc.

    That Yuko keeps on linking her page on her posts ( ) wont waste time liking this.

    Seems to me that they are famewhores who wants to make themselves popular on social networking by using Kaname-san and photographers’ masterpieces.


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