2013 Tokyo Trip Day 12: Nakano and Shinjuku


Continued from 2013 Tokyo Trip Day 11: Tokyo Character Street

I went back to Nakano to pick up a few bits and bobs (this would prove to be just one of a long strong of visits over the course of a few weekends), and maybe take pics without being chased out of the store by the staff (FYI: taking photos are not allowed inside stores). Of the many things gracing the displays the most interesting ones for me were the model Portal gun, and a special exhibition of Murakami Takahashi’s work.

magnetic-rose.net Nakano Shinjuku

However, I was disappointed to find out that one item I’ve had my eye on in the shelves had already been snapped up (for the curious, it was a Hot Toys The Avengers: Captain America figure — Steeeeeeeeeeeeeb >.>). But that was several thousaand yen saved (close to JPPY 21K!) so I suppose it was for the best.

magnetic-rose.net Nakano Shinjuku      magnetic-rose.net Nakano Shinjuku

Whatever money I saved in Nakano took a critical hit in Shinjuku however, when I dropped by the massive Books Kinokuniya at Takashima Times Square. The current crop of e-mooks were just too nice to pass up. For the uninitiated, an e-mook is a magazine-slash-catalog featuring a particular brand. However, the main reason people (like me!) buy these things are for the “omake” or freebies.

magnetic-rose.net Nakano Shinjuku

The freebies included in many e-mooks are particularly good — they included bags and wallets, skin care and cosmetics, stationery, and many others. E-mooks released by designer brands such as Coach, Jill Stuart, and Anna Sui sell particularly well, and are hoarded by collectors not just in Tokyo, but Hong Kong and Singapore as well. At about JPY 1500 (about PhP 700) each, it’s a fantastic introduction to designer brands and high-end labels while still staying on budget.

Continued in 2013 Tokyo Trip Day 13: Ikebukuro and Ginza.

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