Roadmap to Luna Sea in Bangkok 2013 Part 4: Packing

Roadmap to Luna Sea in Bangkok 2013 Part 4: Packing

Continued from Part 3.

Weekend getaways to watch concerts usually mean minimal fuss when it comes to packing. You basically shove a two days worth of gear into a pack and are on your merry way.

Chances are, you’ll pick up more gear from the show — Luna Sea tour tees, hoodies, and other stuff, so there is really no need to bring your entire wardrobe.

One caveat we have however is for checking in your luggage at the airport.

Sure, it’s easier to chuck everything into the hold and just pick up your stuff at the airport carousel at your destination, but if the airport and/or the airline misplaces your bag, you are in for a world of hurt.

To save yourself from the trouble, always try to have your bag with you as a carry-on. That little bit of inconvenience will mean the difference between having a great weekend or having a naked weekend.

If you really can’t help it and have to check in your suitcase, always make sure you have a carry-on with at least one change of clothes and underwear. It beats having to borrow somebody else’s clothes even if the airline decides to send your bag to Timbuktu.

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