Inoran Meet & Greet in Bangkok 2013 Event Report

One of the highlights for our most recent Bangkok trip — besides the Luna Sea concert itself, was the chance to meet the band’s rhythm guitarist and one of our favorite members, Inoran! As one of the band’s founding members (alongside bassist and sex symbol J), he is one of the cornerstones of the band’s signature musical style, and we love him to bits!

When we received a top-secret tip from one of our fellow Luna Sea SLAVES and best pals in Thailand Myrrh, we immediately sent off an email to get on the guest list. Lo and behold, we actually got in, so it was off to Central World — one of Bangkok’s biggest and most luxurious shopping destinations, for our date with destiny!

Inoran Meet & Greet in Bangkok 2013

Inoran Meet & Greet in Bangkok 2013      Inoran Meet & Greet in Bangkok 2013

Judging from the size of the crowd and the average age of the fans, it’s safe to say that the band still has a long and illustrious career ahead of it. Alongside us oldbies is a new generation of fans just obsessed with the band and its unique, hard rocking J-pop sound. There were even mother-and-daughter pairs who were clearly equally enamoured with the softspoken guitarist

After an antsy one hour wait it was finally time to meet Inoran! After a few words to thank the sponsors, he launched into a quick acoustic set, plus some choice rifts from his favorite LS songs. The event is very informal and friendly, and Inoran was in high spirits. He signed close to one hundred autographs, and gamely posed for photos.

Inoran Meet & Greet in Bangkok 2013

Inoran Meet & Greet in Bangkok 2013      Inoran Meet & Greet in Bangkok 2013

I think the most memorable thing about the meet and greet was the fact that it was just a wonderful series of fortunate events. Even if we arrived late and ended up in the middle of the line, it worked out better in the end because instead of getting the signed posters, we could get our own stuff signed (I brought a solo album circa 1997 entitled “Sou”)!

And then it was my turn in line, instead of just going through the motions wordlessly, I actually introduced myself to him as having come all the way from Manila to see him. He personally thanked me for the omiyage (nom nom nom chocolate covered mangoes), and then complimented me on my Japanese :3 You could hear my mental KYAAAAA all the way back to Tokyo.

So girls, learn Nihongo! It could be the way to your dream guy’s heart!!! ◕ ‿‿ ◕

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  1. Kat says:

    Kinilig naman ako para sa iyo haha. 😀


    1. Naloka ako promise! 😀


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