Roadmap to Luna Sea in Bangkok 2013 Part 3: Ground Transport

Roadmap to Luna Sea in Bangkok 2013 Part 3: Ground Transport

Continued from Part 2.

Ground transport in Bangkok, although not the best, is marginally better than Manila. For one thing, you have a train system — the Airport Rail Link, that takes you from the airport to the city in a little over half an hour. For another, that very train system — which includes the Skytrain and Metro Subway systems, also takes you to major areas all over the city.

There are also plenty of buses and shuttles (that look like our own FX shuttle system) that scoot around the city, taking you to specific districts within the sprawling metropolis, as well as neighboring environs. Lastly, there is Bangkok’s army of taxis, always ready to take hopelessly lost tourists to where they need to go.

This public transport snarl can be very intimidating for first timers, especially if you intend to go further out of the city to event venues like Rajamangala National Stadium or Impact Arena. To make things easier for you, here are three options to getting from the Central Bangkok to Impact Arena:

Via Taxi

Easy-peasy — just grab a taxi and go! We warned, however, that you will be going through an extensive toll system (similar to our own Skyway and SLEX system) whose fees you will have to shoulder. The cab driver is not obliged to pay for any fees or tolls along your route.

Via Public Bus

There are plenty of buses that will take you to and from Impact Arena to the city — in areas such as Vipavadee Rangsit Junction, Pakkred, and Changwattana. You can consult the official Impact Arena website for specific bus numbers.

Via Skytrain and Shuttle Bus

You can ride in one of Impact’s fleet of minibuses that shuttle back and forth every 30 minutes from BTS Mo Chit Station to the arena. Be warned however that they only run from 06:00 to 22:00. The concert may last well past that time, so schedule alternative transport accordingly.

Concluded in Part 4.

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