JFM Launches Kultura Nippon on Facebook

JFM Launches Kultura Nippon on Facebook

The Japan Foundation Manila has recently launched a new Facebook fanpage called Kultura Nippon: a Filipino guide to Japanese culture.

Kultura Nippon features daily servings of Japan-related content from number of different categories:

Pop Culture: Travel back in time or be up-to-date with the latest trends in anime, manga, games, and more!

Arts, Fashion, Music and Literature: Be amazed with the simplistic beauty of Japanese art, their unique fashion, and discover the depth of Japanese music and literature as we feature them weekly.

Everyday Life: Live the Japanese way! Take a peek into the life of a typical Japanese as we introduce various aspects of their daily lifestyle.

Filipino Travelers in Japan: Ever wondered how it feels like to eat under the cherry blossoms, ride the shinkansen, or climb the Mt. Fuji? Read interesting Japan travel stories from our featured Filipino travelers!

Film: Lights, camera, action! Let’s explore Japanese cinematography as we feature Japanese films – from timeless classics to upcoming films – each with their unique and unforgettable story lines and characters.

Tradition: Walk down the streets of Kyoto, witness a sumo match, or learn more about Japan’s tourist attractions, and discover for yourself the beauty of traditional & contemporary Japanese culture.

Food: Feed not only your tummy but also your mind as we feature different aspects of Japanese food, ranging from sweets to restaurants and cooking methods.

Turning Japanese? Then drop by Kultura Nippon today!

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