STGCC 2012 Exclusives: A Quick Rundown


Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention 2012

Already looking forward to STGCC 2012? Here’s three (or more!) reasons to fly in and take part in one of the biggest pop culture events in the SEA region!

STGCC 2012 Exclusive TokiDoki Package

One of the highlights for me personally from the 2011 con was meeting TokiDoki creator and all-around nice guy Simone Legno; he designed a special figure for Singapore Post last year, and gamely signed autographs for everyone who dropped by his booth (he stayed for two whole hours — poor thing T^T).

This year he’s back with more STGCC-exclusives, including a special package that comes with a Tokidoki t-shirt, a Tokidoki tote-bag, and one-day entrance to the event. What’s more — the first 200 purchases will come with a bonus TokiDoki toy absolutely free. At just SGD 50, you know I’m all over it! ❤

Exclusive Baby Treeson by Crazy Label

Treeson is a fictional character created by Hong Kong illustrator Bubi Au Yeung; he has his own comic series and vinyl figure line. Crazy Label will be releasing an STGCC-exclusive Treeson figure, which is a definite must for lovers and collectors of the adorable spiky woodland creature.

Rilakkuma Ichiban Kuji: Viva Rilakkuji

Try your luck at BonJapan’s Rilakkuma Ichiban Kuji — where you can win a Rilakkuma Soft Toy, a Korilakkuma Soft Toy, one of four Rilakkuma Dakimakura, and many other Rolakkuma prizes! Ichiban Kuji is a special lottery where you pay a small fee to pick a prize “out of a hat”, and each pick is a sure win — so just go for it!

This is just three of the many exclusive offers over at STGCC2012; for a complete listing of all special releases and promos, zoom on over to the STGCC 2012 homepage. is an Official Affiliate of STGCC 2012.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. teluete says:

    Omg pabili ako. ❤


    1. LOL which item/s? Are you sure you’d rather not join us at the con? 😀


      1. teluete says:

        The Tokidoki package~ lol.

        I’d love to join you guys but I don’t think I’ll have the funds in time. 😐


        1. Okay! But what do we do with the one-day ticket that comes along with it? ^^;;


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