2012 J-Pop Anime Singing Contest


2012 J-Pop Anime Singing Contest

The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines is inviting all karaoke heroes and J-pop fans to the 4th J-pop Anime Signing Contest! The 2012 J-Pop Anime Singing Contest is open to all Filipino amateur singers composed of one to a maximum of ten members. Participants from all age group are accepted.

Participants may choose to perform with their own musical instrument or a capella. Karaoke versions of tracks are acceptable only if they can supply an original music CD.

Interested participants must submit to the JICC a duly accomplished application form along with an individual/group photo, short write-up about the performer/s, and a demo CD containing two Japanese songs by the participant/s. Application forms can be downloaded at ph.emb-japan.go.jp.

The top ten performers/performing groups who pass the screening process will be invited to compete in the Grand Finals, to be held on July 21, 2012 (Saturday) at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. The deadline for submission of requirements is on 22 June 2012.

Winners will win prizes courtesy of the Nihongo Center Foundation the Center for Pop Music Philippines, Ajinomoto, Canon, Panasonic, Sony and Yakult. Special Awards from Hero TV and Toei Animation Philippines are also up for grabs.

For a complete listing of rules and other details, please visit ph.emb-japan.go.jp.

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  1. sharon says:

    Are previous winners from JPOP 2009 onwards allowed to join?


    1. I believe that the old rule stands: the top three performers from previous contests are disqualified for this year.


    2. hanako says:

      I think pwede na. May sasali kasi na member ng nanalo na dati na band.

      Best is, try to call them para sigurado ka sa rules.


  2. purplehaze says:

    that’s sad, however that rule is needed to give chance for other performers. It’s fair enough


  3. chocolate cheesecake says:

    I don’t get it when people say it’s sad that the former winners will be joining again. It’s either they’ve already accepted defeat from these winners or they think that they will have a lot more chance winning if they will be competing on a loser batch. that’s a lot more depressing, if you ask me.

    you know in sports? especially basketball, the champions are always allowed to compete again, even if there are teams that really suck big time. because that’s how you have a good win, beating something/someone better than you in a competition.


  4. Lala says:

    When will the winners be announced? >___< I'm nervous ;w;


    1. The pre-selected finalists will compete next week at the Grand Finals at the Mall of Asia.


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