World of Tanks Giveaway

World of Tanks Giveaway

Chomping at the bit to play World of Tanks? We’ve got good news for you! We’re giving away a World of Tanks loot bag courtesy of!

The loot bag includes a World of Tanks SEA t-shirt, a miniature model tank, and three World of Tanks installers for you and two of your friends — perfect for three-man platoon coop gaming!

To win this, just answer the following question: what is the craziest thing you could do driving a tank? The best answer will receive the loot bag.

Send me your answers as: 1) a comment to this blog post; 2) a reply to me on Twitter (follow me at @magnetic_rose); or 3) a reply to me via the Facebook Fanpage (please Like the page and reply to the contest thread).

The contest will end on 8 May 2012 at 23:59 PM. The winner will be contacted via email or private messaging for their shipping address and other details. This promo is limited to residents of the Philippines.

Have fun you guys!

Thanks to and Mulberry PR for the World of Tanks premiums.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia says:

    What is the craziest thing you could do driving a tank?

    I’ll drive the tank into the closest body of water, submerge the tank and all, and have a cool hangout away from the heat.


  2. Geff Chang says:

    Coolest thing I would do with a tank is to drive it to work, run it over my Boss’ car, and be the envy of my officemates. I’m just kidding… about the last part. 😀


  3. Yuri Mikael de Mesa says:

    i’ll use it when going to school! heavy traffic is such a bum!


  4. Jomar T. Sadie says:

    What is the craziest thing I could do driving a tank?

    Me driving a tank is crazy enough I think, ha-ha.

    But from there, the next crazy thing to do would be to parked it near salons and retail shops then come out wearing a shirt which says “I flunked Anger Management”. Imagine the discounts, not to mention the courtesy!


  5. Allan Reyes says:

    the craziest thing I could do driving a tank is to go to the earthquake devastated area and crush all the piles of rocks so I can save the people who are trapped inside.


  6. Sitti Hanapia A. Irineo says:

    “I will go shopping and drive a tank all the way to the mall. Hahahaha!”


  7. Jarred Barra says:

    I will use the TANGKE de GIYERA (War Tank) to crush those illegally parked cars here in Manila. I know it is a LITTLE BRUTAL but we need to bring back discipline on the road.


  8. Angelica says:

    The craziest thing that I would do while driving a tank is go to the beach while wearing a 2pc bikini, then get out of the tank. HAHA! Talk about grand entrance!


  9. Martin says:

    The craziest thing you could do driving a tank is…

    to reconstruct the flying tank scene from “The A-Team” movie. So…
    step 1: rent a huge airplane
    step 2: mount some large parachutes on the tank and emplane it
    step 3: install a stereo in your tanl and listen to the sound of Flo Rida – Right Round
    step 4: fly up into the air, get into your tank and bail out
    step 5: open the parachutes and use the gun to maneuver
    step 6: survive and drink a cold beer 🙂


  10. Red says:

    I’m not even sure if it’s possible, but I’ve always been amused of images of tanks as bicycles that do those bike stunts, rolling on ramps in crazy speeds and doing somersaults midair. I know, really quite impossible, but the thought amuses me 🙂


  11. Jeffrel P. Hermias says:

    the craziest thing I could do driving a tank is crash the tank into the houses inside the subdivision while watching pr0n movies inside the tank and firing them all by my tank special weapon. *evil grin*


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