World of Tanks Press Launch Event Report

Award-winning MMO World of Tanks is poised to take South East Asia by storm with the opening of their new servers in Singapore! Players in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand no longer have to deal with timezone and latency problems that come with playing on the US and European servers — plus they can now join special in-game and on-ground events, designed especially for them by game creators

World of Tanks prides itself on its intense pick-up-and-play style of PVP battles, where you pilot your customized tank to wrestle territory from other players in a WW2-style playing field. Featuring a nearly endless selection of tanks (light, medium, and heavy), tank destroyers, and artillery guns from all the major players in the Theater of War (Germany, Russia, the US, Britain, France, etc.) — there is something for every style of play.

World of Tanks Press Launch Event Report

World of Tanks Press Launch Event Report      World of Tanks Press Launch Event Report

In a special press event held at The Battle Box — a WW2 bunker in Singapore’s Fort Canning Park,‘s CEO Victor Kislyi showed to us what made World of Tanks unique and exciting. First of all, the game was free-to-play in every sense of the word. It was possible to move up to the higher levels without paying for anything; but for players who needed more options, the game’s micro-transaction items (some for as little as USD 0.50) are also available. These include cosmetic customization options, special shells, slightly better repair kits, and other stuff — none of which, as Kislyi described “would let players kill everybody else in the game”.

Second of all, the game prides itself on being fun and immersive for its players, without demanding too much commitment. Unlike some MMOs where your progress came at the price of sleepless nights, it was possible to enjoy World of Tanks in quick five-minute bursts (the amount of time it takes to finish a random team battle). CEO Victor Kislyi — himself an avid gamer who loves Civilization V, understands that not every one can commit so much time and effort. He said, “We want WOT to be a fun game you can play after you get home from work or school, that did not feel too much like effort.”. They also took this philosophy to heart with the game controls — it was just easy and intuitive, and not overly mathematical or sim-like in nature.

World of Tanks Press Launch Event Report

World of Tanks Press Launch Event Report      World of Tanks Press Launch Event Report

Last but not least, World of Tanks takes pride in its large user-base, and does its best to keep the players invested and entertained. is working on putting WOT on the international e-sports circuit. They are on the verge of releasing a companion game to World of Tanks called World of Warplanes — which works on the same premise as WOT, but with aerial acrobatics and intense dogfights. They also intend to release a third game called World of Battleships — and as a coup de grace, integrate all three games into a single universe in the near future.

Feel the tank power! Download World of Tanks today!

Thanks to and Mulberry PR for the press invite.

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