Rabbit Cafes Enjoy Cat Cafe Popularity

Rabbit Cafes Enjoy Cat Cafe Popularity

Via The Japan Times: rabbit cafes are springing up in Tokyo in a trend similar to cat cafes and dog rental services.

Ra.a.g.f, pronounced “raf,” opened last fall in Meguro Ward, and is home to about 30 rabbits. Other rabbit cafes can be found in nearby Setagaya ward. Just like cat cafes, the little balls of fur have the run of the place, and are pampered and petted by the cafe customers.

Customers who want to buy rabbits can purchase them from the cafe’s breeding center — but the cafe’s rabbit “staff” are not for sale. The cafe manager guides the new owners in providing daily care, as well as admonishes them never to abandon their pets when caring for them becomes too stressful.

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